Hatsune Miku Strobe Nights ストロボナイツ

It's Friday once again and it is time for me to share with you the music of Project Diva. Today I am going to introduce "Strobe Nights" in Project Diva.

The impression I have for "Strobe Nights" (ストロボナイツ) in project Diva was Miku dancing and hopping in the middle of a night road. I love the way she break it in the dance in the middle of the chorus.

Here's some shots of Miku in full costume for this song.

The suit look a bit Russian to me. Maybe it's the hat but Miku look Kawaii (Cute) in it!

Since how Miku dance on a night road picture still linger in my mind, I did my interpretation of a snapshot of how the real MTV would look like. :P

If you like the songs, "Strobe Nights" can be found in 「Re:package」 CD of Hatsune Miku. :)


Anonymous said…
even though its pretty old, its still a very nice track! Full Version's even better.
Nice lovely sound. Going to look for the mp3 now! Hee! Hee!

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