Gundam Fiesta 2009 Singapore Opening Day Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Gundam Fiesta 2009 opening day.

I talked about making of the model kit so now let's talk about the prizes given for the event. One of the prizes is a Gundam deco fold-able bicycle on display.

The deco comes from this Gundam

I will move on to something that interest me in Gundam that happen long long time ago... Sangokuden

There's a grand display with two 1/1 BB Gundam of Zhao Yu and Zhuge Liang.

Just look at Zhuge Kong Min's fan! BIG!

Here some BB coming our way at as a preview at the event.

Ever wonder how it is like if they are not BB version but Master Grade? Here's the answer to that question.

That's a bad idea right? LOL

Anyway here are some of my favorites. Generation One Prefect Grades Gundam which is releasing soon. I used to have this set of Gundam when I was a child and someone damaged it!!

F91 a Gundam that I always love the design and always so stylish even today.

Astray Red Frame Prefect grade!! When I first lay eyes on him I know he is going somewhere. The color and design look so cool!

A hidden secret you may not know... I have a soft spot for Zaku!

and of course the Old Retro Gundam Design

Okay I do not want to turn this to a "Gunpla Porn". Seeing pictures is one thing but it is nothing to see the manifestation model kit with your own eyes.

Here are what I bought from that event. A Limited Edition electromotive style Injection Machine which is a Bandai Hobby Center Original.

Zaku Limited Edition and a 0 Gundam. Do you know that the Limited Edition Zaku actually uses Ego recycled plastic? That the way it should be!

It is a fun event where we get to meet some interesting people from Bandai, Sheng Tai and even AFA!!

Keroro Gunso was there too! He is one sale for $199.00 SGD. The only Keroro toy I see on sale...

Get down to the event from now till 13 Sept at Compass Point. Don't missed out!

Did I left something out? Okay Okay regarding the Gundam Gals on the opening day

They are Mikyake and Sharon respectively.

Check out kodomut, Fortress of Testicular Fortitude and Collect’em All for more coverage too!


Your all time favorite Gundam is F91 and new liking for Astray Gundam hah!
LEon said…
Yep. Red frame I like!!
desmond said…
Sharon looks pretty..Haha!!
Chris said…
the bicycle look bit wierd.
LEon said…
Yes. They are model. :)

Maybe it is because it is a fold-able bicycle.
Ant Sized Man said…
LoL, a model of a model making machine thats something i thought i'd never see.
Looks like a fun event.

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