Gundam Fiesta 2009 Singapore Opening Day Part 1

Thanks to Sheng Tai Toys Pte Ltd, Me, kodomut and Dennis were invited for the private preview.

The reason why this event existed is because of this...

Yes the 30th Anniversaries of Gundam!

A word of warning: The following content will be pretty picture intensive.

At the entrance of the event area stood a giant Gundam on the left and Zaku on the right.

For the Gundam on the Left

has an autograph on it. Anyone can guess who wrote this autograph?

Hey don't missed out Zaku too! Does this look Pink to you?

Follow a showcase of the History of Gundam Animation Series in a time line from all the way 1980

to 2008...Wow!

Here's a replicate of the Giant Gundam for the 30th Anniversaries in Japan which is 18 metres high and weighed 35 tonnes at Shiokaze Park in Tokyo's Odaiba.

Below the RX-78 Gundam model stood the following sign.

Turn to the right stood a row of Perfect Grade Gundam.

One of them that interest me is this figure which does not have any resembance of Gundam head.

The following picture has the clue... VGundam? Gundam V??

Here's one of a interest things I love about the Event. The process of making Gundam model kit. It all started out with a drawing plan.

With that proceed to make wooden mold for the model.

Pour plastic on the mold.

Do you know Bandai had created 370 millions set of Gunpla for the past 29 years? Above was the old ways of making a model kit. Here is the new way.

Now they just need to produce it in 3D software that test the transformation and joints. It will then sent to "Eden", a laser prototype machine to start the creation. Mold will be created and injection of the plastic will begin and finally Quality control will be done on the mold. When all is fine, it goes to production.

Here is the model kit of the Injection Machine which is a limited edition from Japan.

A model of the production line over at Bandai Japan.

Ah some Cosplay Gundam Uniform!!!

Wait a min...

These are actually Bandai working uniform!!! They have winter and summer wear. Wait! They have ranks too!!

Keroro Gunso will love the ranking. Kero kero Kero. :P

There are still loads of photos coming so I will make it on the next post but here's a preview for you guys. :D

Want to find out more? Go to the Part 2!!

Check out kodomut, Fortress of Testicular Fortitude and Collect’em All for more coverage too!


TheFuzzy said…
They made a model of their own production line. Wow. @_@

Not sure if it's just me, but it looks like the event's pretty empty.
LEon said…
Fuzzy it may look empty because it was a private preview when the pictures were taken. :)
KazeTora said…
That's a Turn A Gundam, L. One of the series with the best ending compare to the others. In the game, his Butterfly energy burst is also one of the most damaging.

Omygod, how I envy you. Now I feel like assassinating my participant. GDI.
kluxorious said…
Keroro will have non-stop spasm if he ever attended the Fiesta. kukukuku XD
LEon said…
Thanks bro. Go down ASAP!!

I had the same feeling too! Kero kero kero
Erh...after seeing your last photo...I forgot what you were blogging about...LOL
LEon said…
@Little Plastic Man
That is a normal reaction for true blue male gender. LOL
Jcee said…
The Turn A gundam, always thought it was like "upside down A" gundam LOL

Cool event! Do you get to buy gundams there too?
LEon said…
I did Jcee. My spoil is at the next post of part 2. :D
A speedy posting Leon! Thank you for filling in the tools of Gunpla production.
LEon said…
you are welcome Dennis. :) Love your coverage too!
desmond said…
Thank you for your event coverage..Don't need to go down liao :P

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