We have a Virgin Giveaway Winner!

Finally the time has come for the result of Open the Toy virgin Giveaway. One of the following will get this giveaway at your mail box!

We have my Wall.E to do the lucky draw. Firstly I printed out those who entered the contest from the comments. Will Robertson entry came in later and thus I written in pen.

I then cut them into equal pieces for the lucky pick.

Fold them into pieces and throw them into Wall.E's belly.

Wall.E will then do some shakes to even out the entry.

When open the hatch and shake, the first one that pop out is consider the lucky winner!

And Open the Toy virgin giveaway goes to...* drum roll!

Justin Gammon from weirdo toys!!!

I would like to thank the following for your participation and support.
Will Robertson

Many thanks to my twitter friends who retweet the giveaway for me voluntarily. You guys had make it a success. Look out for more Giveaway in time to come!! :D

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Snark said…
Grats Justin!

And thanks for running the giveaway Leon; twas fun
cosmicbaby said…
Enjoy your virgin!
Hey, you really make drawing lot a lot more interesting. It's very generous of you bro.
LEon said…
Thank you for your participation too buddy.

Thanks for dropping by bro! Next time drop early to join in the fun. ;)

I have to thank for those who join in the fun. If not, it will not be that fun. :D
ninjovee said…
First off... CUTE WALL-E IS CUTE.

Congratulations Justin! ^_^
Was a fun giveaway contest, hopefully there would be more people who will join if there's another one! :)
LEon said…
Thanks for participation and spreading the word. I try to have some more giveaway in time to come.
Will Robertson said…
Aww peas. Well, at least my ticket stood out.
LEon said…
@Will Robertson
Thanks for your participation and sorry if me hand writing your name bothers you. :)
Justin Gammon said…
Oh man, I totally forgot to comment!

Thanks so much for the great toy! I just got it in the mail the other day.

I'm going To have a contest in a week or so on the Weirdo Toys blog. Maybe you'll have a chance at winning something weird.

Thanks again for the cool toy, and thanks for making the drawing interesting.
LEon said…
You are most welcome. Sure I will go and enter your contest too! LOL

I will be having a giveaway end of Sept too! Do check it out later. :D

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