IRON MAN ANIMATED Action Figures Sighting

What can I say? A pleasant surprise. Didn't have a chance to catch the animation yet but wave 1 for Iron Man Animated action figures are out at local retail.

Ironman look very young and skinny.

Crimson Dynamo is still bulky for 3.75 inches figure.

In wave one there are
- Crimson Dynamo
- Iron Man
- Mandarin
- Silver Centurion Iron Man
- Iron Man Stealth Upgrade

Anyone catch the Anime /Cartoon yet? I don't think it's airing in Singapore right?


Dan said…
Haven't seen the show yet. Saw the figures at Toys R Us, but they looked really cheap, with little to no joints on elbows and knees. :(
LEon said…
Dan I didn't notice they do not have joints on elbows and knees. The prices they are selling it for the size already keep me at bay from getting it. Somehow I still like those 5 inches version.
desmond said…
I still prefer the movie Iron Man :P
kluxorious said…
The iron man is too skinny for my liking. It just doesn't seems right =\
LEon said…
So do I. :)

Yes skinny to the max! No difference with Spider-man but this is Ironman with metal armor suit!!!
Is this suppose to be the Iron man? Action cartoons nowadays have drawing like Transformers Animated.
LEon said…
Dennis, sadly it is. Everything can be drawn like Transformers Animated but sometime it is good to consider the fans and toy collectors.

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