Virgin Giveaway: Dragonball Vehicles 6, Flying Dino

In the story of Dragonball as far as I can remember, animals are not used for transport. However on few occasions, the artist did drew some character on living animals as a transport. One of them is this. Goten, Goku's youngest child sitting on a flying dino on a cover of the manga.

One can easily mistake Goten for Goku. Anyway this nice drawing was made to be a gashapon diorama under Bandai Gashapon Dragonball Z Imagination Series.

It was very well scripted. Like Goku, Goten enjoy snacking too. This diorama show how Goten is enjoying his snack as he went on the back from marketing.

In my possession, I have this still Mint Sealed gashapon. As I mention that in August, I will be having giveaway and this is my virgin giveaway to you, my readers!

Just answer a simple question in the comment section from now till 21 Aug 2009. A lucky dip will be draw from the entries and the result will be posted on 21 aug 2009 and the winner will need to contact me with your address so that I can sent this out by post FREE to the winner.

There is only one rule for this contest. Only 1 entry is allow by each individual.

So here is the question:

Name one soft drink that you like and one that you dislike with a short explanation of why you like it and dislike it.

Simple? Of course it is! It's a GIVEAWAY!
Log in your answer in your comment now! Good Luck! :D


Mario! said…
I like Barq's root beer because it's the only one with caffeine. I don't like Vanilla Coke because I think the vanilla flavor is gross.
Justin Gammon said…
Soft drink I like - Cheerwine, because of its great cherry flavor. It's better than other cherry soft drinks. A tad on the sweet side, but I don't drink it too often. It's also good when mixed with pineapple juice.

Soft Drink I dislike - Diet Coke (or any diet soda). It's an equally unhealthy chemical concoction, but since it has no sugar or calories, people think it's good for them. It's just plain gross.
LEon said…
Quite a number of pple I know hate Vanilla too! Not me. Im okay with it. :D

When I was young i hated cherry because that was the favor of my medication. You are right, Diet coke are not healthy at all.
Ha! Ha! this is exactly the same as the comic front cover. Cool! You are really a hardcore Dragonball Z fan.
Bubbashelby said…
I like Cherry Pepsi because it has that nice cherry zing but is not TOo sweet (like Cherry Coke tends to be)

I don't like Diet Coke - it tastes too artificial. Like plastic.
ninjovee said…
I don't really drink a lot of softdrinks because my stomach doesn't go well with them, but on the occasions that I do drink softdrinks, I prefer Sprite ice because of the cool aftertaste.

I have a great dislike for Diet Coke. It has a weird metal-like aftertaste and leaves your mouth dry in a different way.
Snark said…
Hmm, for a liked soft drink; melon soda. And for a disliked, pepsi.

Why? It is a tale of tragedy, bloodshed and betrayal. Melon soda and Pepsi were once partners, running a successful downtown private detective agency. Then, one day, on a dark and stormy night, Pepsi shot Melon soda in cold blood, leaving him for dead. Unbeknown to Pepsi however, Melon Soda survived, and hunts his former partner till this day.

True story.
Will Robertson said…
Drink I like: Milk (Yes, I know it's not a soft drink). The nectar of kings. Seriously, I drink at least 5 glasses of this stuff a day.

Drink I don't like: All soft drinks. What can I say, I have a wimpy tongue, and carbonation is too much for it to handle.
LEon said…
Any comment after this will not be consider as the contest has ended. Time for lucky draw.
Brad Fallon said…
Cool toys for boys! Great gift this Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

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