Wizard Spider-man Trading Card

I found this card in my trading card collection as I was going through some of my old trading cards. If I remember correctly, this card came with the Wizard magazine which I was very much into US comic in the early 1990s.

The card has a web like shape while the back of the card has a short write up of Spider-man and signature of Ralph Macchio, Spider-man editor.

"Spider-man has endured for 35 years because the concept is strong. When Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains its arachnid traits, it doesn't make his life easier. It presents him with a series of unforeseen new problems. And isn't that what all our lives revolve around? Dealing with the uncertainties of fate, striving and falling as we try to do good - but always rising anew and ultimately achieving. That's the tragedy and triumph of being a man - and a Siper-man." -- Ralph Macchio, Spider-man editor

I think this card has to do with 35 anniversaries of Spider-man. Anyway the editor name is the same as the actor of Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio! That's something new I learned today.

Anyone has this card in their collection too?

10 Questions with Marvel Comic editor, Ralph Macchio at comicavalanche.com


Bubbashelby said…
I used to have that one too but I'm sure I cleared it out long ago - probably gave it to my nephew or something.
LEon said…
Bubbashelby, that is very generous of you. It is good to see someone who had the same card as me. :)
chunky B said…
LEon, I'm in the same boat as Bubba, I had it at one time, and you were right it was packaged with a Wizard Mag.
LEon said…
Oh boy Chunky! Another Wizard Mag reader! :D

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