Toy Carnival @ SAM Review

I was glad that I was able to make it for the Toy Carnival at SAM. Wanted to meet up with some of the toy collectors and bloggers there but apparently only managed to meet up with Cosmicbaby but that's good enough for me. On with the event coverage.

Disclaimer: The photos are real but the dialogue are purely fictional made up and does not representing the actual situation. Contact me if there is any question.

Here is SAM. Singapore Art Museum in the heart of the City.

The building used to be Missionary school way before the World Wars. Today they converted it to a Museum. Fully Air-condition.

Enough of the background, let's enter to the event area.

As I entered the Museum, I was greeted by the group of Imperial Stormtroopers from the 501st Legion Singapore Garrison. They seems to be looking for something...

Apparently they have a game session with the visitors.

Good luck for Droid Hunt with such a crowd.

Behold, I met Darth Vader in the center of the Hall. Still as popular as he was with the fans. There are some more cosplayers but I'm busy and off to look at the toys!

So here these are, Toys that day. Stall owner restocking their stocks.

Revenge of the sith Fallen. See The fallen? It is rare, and this is my first time to see the actual toy. Buy it? Maybe later... much much later...

If you are into Mask, these maybe for you. Brought to you by Movie Mania.

Gears of War boxset on great offers! Was nearly sold out when I was there.

SIC series are on offers too. Mask Riders anyone?

Some old Pinky:St series are on offer too. I guess the fever is running out for this line over here.

Some Vintage figure that I have not see for a long time.

There are some custom creation on sales that day. Here's a custom painted Megatron from the Revenge of the Fallen.

Sgcollect were there with their Convention Exclusive DFT-01

For 12 inches figures, there are couple of figures on display that caught my attention.

A tribute to the late my Michael Jackson? :(

I felt rather disturbed by this scene...I had a bad feeling about this... :P

At the outdoor corner of SAM was NerfSG. There, I saw some modification guns.

They were doing a good job introducing Nerf to the general public that day.

They are activity to let people to have a try on the guns while a team game were being play out.

Overall, many really enjoy their time at the event ( I know I did) especially for the children as they are so many freebies. Secret of their success?

Let's hope I can find the time to go for the next toy fare and hopefully catch up with some of the toy collectors and bloggers.

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B-Mecha said…
you have some nice toy photos too! especially the custom painted megatron >___<. I din take enough photos with my camera phone :(

thanks for linking :), i'll add yours to my post too
LEon said…
Thanks B-Mecha. It quite hard to take proper photo with the crowd around too. Hope to meet up with you on the next toy event. :D
sooooo nice....

- -
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

I was there in the afternoon and it was so super crowded, that I wonder how you guys still managed to take so many great photos!

Thanks for sharing the toy carnival memories with us! :D
Ant Sized Man said…
Great photos, looked like a very nice event.
Looks like a good place to pick up lots of toys.
Some of the nerf guns are really quite awesome looking.
chunky B said…
Awesome pictures LEon! Looked like a fun time!
LEon said…
Come to SG in Aug, there is another one coming. That will be more crowded.

It hard to take good photography with pple look and buying at the toys. Only a certain percentage of the photos I taken is acceptable. Somemore I am not using a SLR...

@Ant Sized Man
Nerf Guns are fun but only if you have a team to play with. They have quite a team there, experience gamers.

@Chunky B
Yes it was fun. If only Spock was here. LOL
desmond said…
Bro, thanks for your nice pictures sharing here. We can meet up on the upcoming event STCC :)
LEon said…
Sure desmond. Maybe we should meet up on the days for coffee instead. LOL :)
Chris said…
gosh... it's so awesome..
LEon said…
Thanks Chris. You should come and take a look next time.
Thank you for linking me up! I like the angle you capture the shots!
LEon said…
You are most welcome Dennis. ;)
bluedrakon said…
very cool - my son would of taken the Nerf guns and ran off with them.
Gosh... next time I go to Singapore, can you bring me to this old church/museum.... looks beautiful... i love to visit old historical building/landmarks...

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