This Old Man, Jetfire

"This old man, he played one,
he played nick nack on my thumb.
With a nick nack paddy whack,
give a dog a bone,
this old man came rolling home."

Well I get "this old man", my legend class Jetfire on a diplomatic mission to give my dog, Oreo a bone as a token of peace.

It was proved once again that my dog is not interested with my toys unless of course they are soft toy that comes with squeaking sound.

Well done Jetfire. Mission a success. Peace out!


Snark said…
You know what his father transformed into? NOTHING! But he did it with pride! Dignity, dammit!
LEon said…
LOL Snark, you are such of fan of the ROTF movie.
Ha! Ha! That's cute! What will the old man do next? Luckily your dog didn't treat old Jetfire like a bone.
LEon said…
Dennis, my dog isn't interested in Transformers. Phwee! I have no heart to send the old man for another mission. LOL
Tina said…
lol funny! Cool comical clip. Lucky your dog wasnt interested haha!
LEon said…
Thank you Tina. My dog engrossed the bone so much that she was not aware what was going on. LOL

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