Swindle the Toy Seller

In my entry on review of the deluxe class Swindle from the Transformers Animated series, I promised a Comic strip. I explore the consistency of Swindle's character if he was a Toy seller instead of a fire armed dealer.

Starring my Swindle, Blackarachnia and The Fallen and guest starring Lugnut. Here is it.

Disclaimer: The events depicted in this movie comic strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Isn't that true? Somehow I felt happier doing this comic strip. I wonder why. LOL Well. Rate it if you like it! :D


cosmicbaby said…
kool! just like any other day at our local toy market!
Juliana said…
Very cool! I like your toy comic strips as always! This portrayal of TFA Swindle is consistent with what I perceive his personality to be :D

I particularly like photo #13, where Swindle holds The Fallen by the cockpit. From this angle, The Fallen kinda resembles a chicken being held by the neck, LOL!! :D

This reminds me, I better be careful in case my own TFA Swindle starts selling off parts of my toy collection without my knowledge! As far as I know, Swindle being so opportunistic, doesn't really restict his trade to the 'firearms' industry like in the cartoon :P
LEon said…
You said it cosmicbaby. Good to hear from you. it's been awhile not hearing from you or any updates on your blog. Been busy?
LEon said…
Thanks Juliana. Swindle is always out to cut a deal. Now you mention it, The fallen on picture 13 really look like a chicken being held for sale at some old market. LOL

Swindle opportunistic for a quick buck make him a true Decepticon. LOL
Chris said…
long time didn't come n c u.
How r u?
LEon said…
Hi Chris. I'm fine. Thanks for dropping by. :)
LEon said…
Thx for the affirmation Dash. :D

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