Sideswipe Revenge with Multicolors

Jcee from Toys N More had recently completed his repaint of Sideswipe from the Revenge of the Fallen. He repainted in Red as to pay homage to the G1.

Seeing Jcee's repaint Sideswipe, I was wondering what if sideswipe being repaint into other colors? So my devil workshop started and here are some possibilities should toy maker do the repaint to reel in and mile the collectors. I will skip Red since Jcee repainted in that color.

Disclaimer: All the photos below are purely fictional and in no way indicating repaint of any kind by the toy makers. If an actual product does happen in the similar manner, God help us all.

Do you think green look better on Sideswipe than Skid? Heroes in a half shell?

If you grew sick of the movie Bumblebee yellow, can I interest you with a new range of Pikachu yellow? Pika Pika?

How about Superman Blue? It's a pretty safe color to save the day. Unlike Superman, painting it blue does not mean it can fly.

If you choose White, you could be either a hard working individual who enjoy taking your car for a car wash or you are an Apple ipod supporter. Talking about ipod, I wonder does Sideswipe's car stereo come with an ipod plug...

If you are one who do not take life seriously like the Joker, purple could be the color for you! Purple Rain?

As they say Black is always in fashion. Homage to the 80 pop culture Knight Rider.

I think Black suit me best. What about you?

Thanks to Jcee once again for granting me to modify his repaint Sideswipe photo. He really put a lot of hard work into it. Although I had a Deluxe class Sideswipe of my own, I am not skillful as he is in painting. Since I can't, I only can gratify that digitally. I guess this could be consider as Car Porn? LOL

Read more about Jcee's Sideswipe Repaint here.


Jcee said…
LOL I guess that's the good thing about taking pictures on a white background huh?

I really like the skids and joker colors though. Looks like what Hotwheels would make haha.

There is actually a red repaint of Sideswipe already somewhere down the ROTF line.
LEon said…
Yep. One plus point for taking on white background. :) You are right to point out some of those pictures do look like what Hotwheels will make. LOL

I heard about the Red repaint coming our way but I felt yours is better. :)
desmond said…
I still prefer the original colour :P
LEon said…
Black is always in fashion ya?

Then you should happy that you will be immune to all other repaints hasbro or takara have to offer. :)
It's like going to a car mart. Great posting! Willie & I have the same taste. Knight Rider is an awesome tv series.
LEon said…
Dennis, Black is my choice too! LOL
LEon said…
I know you are all in for purple Dutch purple rabbit. XD
Ant Sized Man said…
The black one looks cool, if KITT could have changed into a robot that would be quite awesome.
LEon said…
Agree Ant Sized Man. I think the stringRay car design suitable to be the new knight rider.

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