Movie G.I Joe Toys at retails

Look what I found over at retail store? G.I Joe the movie figures.

In fact, it has been retail for few weeks already. The 3.75 inches figures are going each for $18.90 on retail. No discount so far.

Some of the detail are quite good especially for Baroness. Just look at her. I think she will be a "HOT" figure.

They are a number of vehicles in the series for both G.I Joe and Cobra, some 12 inches figures but no Snake eyes sighted and they are two toy swords to choose from for the kids.

I just hope the coming movie will be good.


[SK] said…
wow, brilliant merchandising huh, comes out before the movie is shown!! am looking forward to watch the movie.. :)
Jcee said…
That is pretty expensive! This line was just released here and we already have a 30% off sale on them. They are going for about $7 each here in Canada for two weeks. We always have a sale on movie toys just prior to the movie debute just like TF2.
LEon said…
I am looking forward for the movie as well. Waiting for discount for the figures as it is too ex for me.

Welcome to SG where living standard is high but was told that we are having the best... (-_-|||)

Canada was doing right for the discount sales for the movie debuts. That's how it should be and not high jacking movie figures prices.

We learn to be wise now. We will wait.
desmond said…
Jcee, you are lucky then. The price here is expensive and discount would not be given until year end sales or stock clearance..Anyway, looking forward to see the movie as well :)
Dash MacBastard said…
They are pretty expensive for 3.75 inch figures. Almost the same price as 6 inch figures.
Still, I'm looking forward to seeing how the movie turns out too.
Have not seen them in our local toy store yet.
I was tempted to get Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow but did not...I think I will stick to the 25th anniversary series instead! (old school!)
Snark said…
Was never a big G.I Joe fan, so I might give this a miss.

By the way, you were asking what font I used for my comic right? It's Anime Ace, you can find it just by googling it ;)
I'm a mech kind of guy and I just want to watch the movie. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
My sentiment exactly.

@Dash MacBastard
You got it right. The pricing was close to 6 inches pricing. I don't know what Hasbro is doing but we are waiting they will be selling it at the price of Indiana Jones after the movie fever goes down no doubt.

If you saw that over your end, do let us know with the pricing thank you.

@Little Plastic Man
For snake eyes, there are not much different from the 25th anniversary series I think.

THanks. I found it!! :D

There are some pretty cool vehicle too in the toy series too. You should check it out.
Snake Eyes has a mouth in the movie...OMG...thats so wrong
LEon said…
@Little Plastic Man
Really? I didn't notice that on the 3.75 inches toys...maybe the detail was too small? :P
chunky B said…
I picked up that Baroness figure, I'm trying to limit my movie figure purchases to 3 or 4. Though I did also see a non-movie, movie figure with a snowmobile that looked sort of fun.
LEon said…
Chunky Baroness is a wise choice. I may get her if I see her on discount. XD

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