Legend Class Jetfire Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Meet Jetfire. I got this old man (Legend class Jetfire) the same time together with another old man (Legend class The Fallen). Who is older by the way? Jetfire or The Fallen?

Like all legend class, the status and transformation instruction was printed at the back of the card. Jetfire transformation look more complicated but in fact, it more straight forward than the fallen.

Let's Open the Toy. There it is, Jetfire with his cane on his left hand.

This version of Jetfire is a bit skinny but with a good sense of balance. His cane however never get to touch the floor. In fact, he look fit!

The face was pretty much movie accurate but he do look younger. maybe that's just me.

Jetfire still retain the Decepticon logo with him.

The very next step will be the plane mode. This is the best looking plane so far in my opinion for the movie version. It was model after a real-life reconnaissance plane, an SR-71 Blackbird.

The upper fuselage of the plane mode has a thin rectangular peg to slot into the back of Legends class Optimus Prime from Revenge of the Fallen to recreate the powered up mode at the end of the movie. Now I just need to get that Optimus Prime...

I do have a legend Optimus Prime from the movie one but the combine just does not work.

Ever wonder how Jetfire turn from a Decepticon to an Autobot? Well here's one of the possibility. It all started out on a sunny day where the old Jetfire was strolling down the park when...

Well that is how it happen.... :P Anyone know where Optimus Prime got his lines from? Do make your guesses.


Juliana said…
Legends OP's lines sounds like Michhael Jackson's "Heal The World" :)

Btw, Baby Fallen is so mean to push down an old man, LOL! And Legends Jetfire's robot mode looks like a huge mosquito, 2x LOL! :D

My Baby Fallen isn't such a hooligan. He just 'hybernates' all day and hardly does anything, like in the ROTF movie :)
LEon said…
Juliana you got it right. Optimus prime lines was from MJ Heal the world. :D

A good point that you pointed out that Jetfire's robot mode looks like a huge mosquito. LOL He does look like one!
Joshua said…
nice comic strip mate!!!
LEon said…
Thanks Joshua. You getting the Hottoy Thriller MJ?
Now that you mentioned! ROTF Jetfire does have similarity with Fallen.
Anonymous said…
jetfire really look skinny.....
LEon said…
Yes he does but I find he look better than the legend class which is too bulky in robot mode.

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