Game Controllers Evolution

Gamers out there. Do you know your controller has been going through evolution? An on-going research project has shown the following.

That study was also done on portable systems controller too!

From the look of it, we really come a long way. If you are interested for more detail like family tree of their evolution, you may head over to liftlab. :)


cosmicbaby said…
Nice post! Brings back lots of memory! Funny why the great grand father of portable is not included - GAME & WATCH!
LEon said…
Interesting that you have pointed that out cosmicbaby. I think they did not include that because there are so many version of Game & Watch. Actually pple use it more for Gaming rather than a Watch. LOL
Snark said…
My god...I still remember playing tetris on my old gameboy -_-
LEon said…
That is one of the classic Snark. even today if you play it, it is still entertaining.
Seems like most console follows the controller style of NES. But Wii is quite a break through.
LEon said…
NES had good design and Wii remote to date is still awesome.

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