First National Nerf Tournament in Singapore

Nerf gunners in Singapore, get ready your guns.

There will be an open match on 29 and 30 August 2009 at Downtown East D'Marquee from 9am to 830pm.

This is the first National Nerf Tournament in Singapore. Gather 4 players and form a team to register at Part of the registration fees will be given to charity too.

Don't worry if you do not have a Nerf gun, all blasters and equipment are supplied by the tournament organizer. Just register and play!

Thank SGNerf for the info.


So are you joining with your customized Nerf pistol?
LEon said…
No Dennis. I have yet to modify my Nerf gun. Plus if you join the matches, all the guns will be provided that day during the game. You cannot bring your own Nerf guns to be fair. :)
My first time seeing this.
LEon said…
Willie Im sure there will be more in time to come. Any nerf players over at your end?
[SK] said…
the nerf players in the ad look like nerds to me.. haha :p
LEon said…
SK don't provoke them. Later they shoot you then you know. LOL

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