Diskvision EVE PVC Figure

I have not been sharing some good looking female figure for quite sometime. Well here's one that caught my eye but I didn't get it.

She caught your eye too right? LOL

Eve is a PVC figure which was design and produced by sculptor, Daiki Kougyo. It was said that this is an original character not from any Anime or Manga. Although I personally find her resemble much of Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy 8 don't you think?

This figure is a 1/5.5 PVC figure which was quite rare in the market. One would have mistaken this as resin model figure due to the quality paint job and sculpting.

Like most popular and high price PVC FEMALE figure, it come with removable parts. I am sure you guys would have guess what are the removable parts which is cater to the adult market.

If you don't like EVE in pure innocent white, there's an alternate color version in black.

Take your pick. If you are planning to get this figure, make sure you asked your Mum or any ladies in your life first. :P


Snark said…
Yeah, she's a dead ringer for Rinoa..

Black version though looks a lot more like an original character
LEon said…
Ya Snark. The black version do look more original character but somehow I think of Morrigan from DarkStalker...
Wow! I think her body was based of a live model. This is very nice eye-catcher indeed.
LEon said…
Yep. I am certain the creator did use a live model for reference.
desmond said…
Drool...But not collecting PVC figures...
Anonymous said…
Hmm... pretty, but too mature for my liking.

Damm, I think I am turning loli >_<
LEon said…
I can't i mean I don't collect this kind of PVC figure. Bad example. LOL

(-_-|||) .... You're missing out. Whatever makes you happy man. LOL
Bubbashelby said…
"If you are planning to get this figure, make sure you asked your Mum or any ladies in your life first. :P"

That's funny and true!
Wow! This will make good cosplay example! Ha! Ha! CHEEKY!
LEon said…
If someone really has such good figure and looks and dare to do such cosplay, it's heaven sent. However if none of the above is met and someone do cosplay like that... it is really a eye sore. LOL

Anyway let's not get too carry away bro. LOL
LEon said…
I dare you to buy it home!! LOL

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