Classification of Bust Size in Gashapon

It is well known that Japanese are famous for their Anime and figuring. Most Anime consist of female characters ranging from Cute, beautiful, child-like to Hot sex bomb. They come with different shape and sizes and by "sizes", the selling point of their body is no other than the Boobs.

As the saying goes "One man poison is another man food", they did make different sizes for different "fans". Sometime ago I found out someone did a documentation and classification of the different boob size in the female Gashapon figures. You may click on the picture to have a better view.

The classification was in Japanese kanji(Chinese wording) so I am sorry if some of you may not understand. However a picture paint a thousand word. I guess you guys will figure out what it is writing. The size start from lower right (smallest) to upper left (Biggest). Maybe you guys may want to translate that in English. :P


[SK] said…
haha, that is a very interesting classification!! japanese~~ :p
Ha! Ha! I'm tunnel visioning!
LEon said…
The Japanese are very fascinating. :)

Glad it capture your attention. LOL

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