My Nerf N-Strike Maverick

Sometime ago, I blog about Nerf gun and from then on, I was hoping to get one to try it for myself. Last weekend during shopping trip, my wife bought this baby for me.

We were considering to get between the awful colored one which was 5 bucks cheaper or this transparent version. In the end, I got the transparent one.

Reason? Just look at it against the white background. The decision was clear. Crystal clear!

One advantage of this version is that you can see clearing how much loaded ammo you left in the chamber during the game. That work as a double edge sword as your opposition get to see that too. Transparency is a tricky thing but it is always good to have. Time to Open the Toy!

Maverick comes with 6 bullets and nothing else. They don't give spare ammo so be careful where you shoot. However there always a choice to buy more from the rack.

To load the gun into the ammo chamber, press the orange button

The bullet slot will pop up allowing easy loading.

The bullets are pretty safe as the head were made of soft rubber as cushion. This is the non-suction bullet.

Looking into the empty Ammo chamber and you will see the catchment in the center. That will fit the foam bullet later.

This is how it look after the gun was loaded.

For maximum distant travel, ensure to push the bullet all the way into the end of the chamber leaving no gap.

It is always good thing to put safety signage engrave on the gun and painted it orange for better reading.

The instructions were printed on the box rather than giving on separated paper. Great effort for going green.

How safe is the gun, I tested it out personally by shooting at my feet to see the impact and it does not hurt at all! So it is safe for me.

Now I need a target to shoot from a distance for accuracy. Any volunteer? Well found one.

Snitch will do great for this as he got the size...

Plus he is armed with his guns too! For fair duel. Don't worry, he didn't even move an inch when the bullet hit him. It just bounce off him.

Don't get me wrong, the projectile power of the gun is quite something but the bullet cushion the impact. It can make the bullet travel 6 meters in ease or more depending on environment. For accuracy, you have to test and get your own grip for zeroing. For me I am trying out for fun so I am not going for full accuracy.

Well I guess that make me a Nerd Nerf now. LOL

Now you can get your own Maverick too!


Jcee said…
Are you going to paint it?
LEon said…
Jcee, initially I have that idea but SGNerf inform me that the transparent version is a limited edition and he strongly encourage me not to repaint it. There are however another way to mod a transparent version which was quite cool. will Share it later. :D
Jcee said…
I wonder if it's possible to dye the transparent clear to a transparent color, say clear blue?
LEon said…
That a good idea but i think dying of plastic need to be done during the forming of the plastic... :( Share with you the mod later. :D
Snark said…
Now this is freaky, I had just gotten off skype with a friend who was going on and on about these nerf guns, and the first thing I read on your blog is the same thing O.o
So you finally bought one Nerf revolver. The transparent piece look very exclusive! Visited Falcon Hangar a few days ago and the staff told me there will be Nerf game at the toy carnival on 05.07.2009 @ S.A.M.
LEon said…
Maybe something is telling you to get a Nerf gun? LOL

Yes i heard about the SAM thing and Nerf being there. Sound interesting. Are you going down that day?
I all set to go bro!

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