Dragonball Vehicle 5: Pirafu Machine

Pirafu Machine is unqiue machine that made up by 3 machine. The machine design is flexible and it was design with the purpose to challenge young Goku in mind to collect the Dragonball. Here's the Pirafu Machine.

And here are the pilots.

The 3 separate machine can function on it's own but it can joint together as one Robot. Combine mode!

In the combination mode, it require 3 pilots working as one. Pirafu pilot will be the head while the lady assistant pilot the upper body and arms and the male assistant pilot the lower body as legs. This machine require a good deal of team work. However creative this machine is, it still did not stand a chance against young Goku. Goku is just too strong for them.

Taki Corporation came out a toy version of Pirafu Machine that follow very closely to the comic design.

It does everything like in the comic including the alt version mode which they ran for their life when they failed to defeat Goku.

This could be the coolest robot machine in Dragonball. Cool enough for you?

Dragonball Tuesday will be taking a break for July and will return in August. Stay Tune!


Ha! Ha! This is a cute combiners! The Little Goku saga is really amusingly fun.
LEon said…
yes it is. The author was very creative that time.
Snark said…
God I loved Pilaf and his crew XD
chunky B said…
I never really followed Dragon Ball Z, except what they showed on Cartoon Network here in the States, but that robot is all sorts of crazy cool!
LEon said…
They are a group of cute and harmless villains.

They are! Did I mention the machine comes from a capsule? Most likely, Bulma's family creation.

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