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Recently gun playing is on the rise. It is Nerf (Not nerd), a new type of dart shooting which is safe for kids to play indoors. Nerf uses foam-like material as ammunition and come in variety of gun designs. Not only the kids are playing it but some adults as well.

As I was reading up about Nerf, I came across SG Nerf.

SG Nerf is a Singapore Nerf collector who reviews the original Nerf brand blasters which can easily found at most major dept toy stores. He have a list of review and some with video too. Some of his picture really capture my attention.

As I read more, I found the author have another 2 related blog regarding Nerf guns.

SG Toys is about non-Nerf/3rd-party brand blasters which are only found in selected shops. While Mod works is the sharing of his customisation guides of the Nerf guns. On the latest entry currently, he D.I.Y a Tommy Nerf Gun and shield! How cool was that? He has even provide and update a retail pricing of Nerf guns found in Singapore.

It come to my attention there was a existing Singapore Nerf community who plan and organized nerf games in teams. As old as I am, some of the Nerf guns design really appeal to me. Here are some of them after repainting.

Maybe I should get one and "Pew Pew Pew" but it is not so fun playing alone with nothing to shoot at unless someone want to play with me. LOL


Jcee said…
Wow never knew they look so cool after some painting! I've actually been looking at some airsoft guns a while ago, but found out they were illegal to import to Canada. I actually just like the guns style and wanted to display them, not really play with them. I am going to check out SG Nerf now!
LEon said…
The repainted guns are very cool. Singapore had banned those air pellet guns as well. But Nerf is alright. I also go for the gun style. The price is quite alright here. Nerf available at Canada?
Jcee said…
Yup, but I don't really know the price because I never purposely go check them out.

I actually had one with glow in the dark darts and laser sight when I was younger. From what I remember they shoot pretty strong too! Oh man now you got my interested in getting some LOL
LEon said…
They are quite a lot in our retail here. the pistol Maverick (transparent) selling about $27 SGD if I recall correctly. Quite cool but I was thinking of repainting it but my repainting skill SUX and I don't have an airbrush!! LOL
Wow...the repaint are so cool...I can imagine them hanging on the wall...wah lau very cool!!!!! But how to paint...LOL??? can we use spray cans or must have airbrush??
Jcee you should be experience as you do scale models.
LEon said…
Yes LittlePlasticMan, repainting is a question that is on my mind too and we need someone to share on that. I assume Jcee should have enough of experience to do that too.

Any repaint guru can give some pointers?
Jcee said…
I think any spray paint for plastic models will do. You'd probably want a "Flat" overcoat on the black/grey to protect it and give it the flat color look instead of shiny.

I actually like the Maverick style handgun. Gotta check out some Nerf stuff next time haha
LEon said…
Thanks for the tips Jcee. If you are doing the repainting on your Maverick, share with us.
Like those commented earlier, the repainted black Nerf guns looks cool! They look like high-tec weapons from games like HALO! Impressive.
LEon said…
That precisely why I love the repainted ones. One of the gun can break apart and form different guns like Recon CS-6 and Longshot C-6.

I have my eye on Longshot C-6 if repaint. Hehehe
Dan said…
When my wife and I were shopping for houses last week, I spotted a Nerf dart way up on a high light fixture. It would take a collapsable ladder to get that thing down!
LEon said…
Well that happen when some kids went mindless shooting. It is a common sight. Did you get that house? I hope that will not be the reason for you not to get it tho.
Jcee said…
I don't have one yet. But I'll be looking out for a Maverick one next time I am at the store.

What sci-fi gun looks like the Maverick?
LEon said…
What Sci-fi gun im not sure but a classic Megatron has Maverick design. This should ring a bell. LOL
Jcee said…
Haha that looks pretty cool! Do you know a place to check out custom paint jobs for the Nerf guns?
LEon said…
Jcee you may try this. I google around with keyword like "Custom repaint Nerf". :)
SG Nerf said…
Hello all, thanks to LEon for featuring my blogs. :)

Hi Jcee... a quick inspiration from sci-fi/comic guns, check out HellBoy's samaritan pistol and big baby shotgun, the Nerf Maverick has similiar design cues.

Quite a few people re-paint it and use as film props. :)

If you guys want to see the re-paint works of local Nerf enthusiasts, just register a user account at the NerfSG forums and check out the "show off your Armoury" thread under the "Nerf Modification" section:

LEon said…
The pleasure is mine SG Nerf. :)

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