Scouter Stationary

Like many, I was nut about Scouter and in one of my trip, I jumped on the moment I saw this Scouter stationary from Banpresto!

I think these toys or stationary are meant for prizes in some machines in Japan.

To verify if it is original from Banpresto, just look for the golden stickers (that what I was told).

There are 4 design in this series. Bardock (Goku's father), Goku(when Ginyu taken over his body), Nappa and Vegeta.

As I only want to buy one, I chose Bardock aka Barduck.

At the back of the cover come with some writing with serial number imprinted on it. This toy is for age 7 and up.

Here is what it can do for being a stationary. Can guess what it is so far?

here's the answer.

It is a clip board! Surprise surprise.

But I bought this not to be use as clip board but for this.

It is more fun this way, do you agree? Yes I bought this just for the scouter to be play this way. Something is "wrong" with me?

... at least I am not that stupid. LOL

Updates: I finally get my Scouter toy!


Mario! said…
That is a really clever design. Very cool!
Jcee said…
Last picture and comment = LOL
Snark said…
I'm curious, how do you manage to find all this zany stuff?
LEon said…
Yes. Jap are creative

Thank you bro. Glad you like it.

I saw this when I was in a HK toyshop and such things appeal to me. I always keep an eye on such unique stuff. :)
Banpresto always produce toys that are fun and not-so-expensive. This is both fun and useful. Great buy!
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. Apparently such "toys" don't really surface here and if it does, the price is quite high. Sad...

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