Pinky Street Type Moon Arcueid Brunestud

For Mothers day special, I decided to do some feminine toys I collected. They are none other than Pinky streets toys which I collected some years back. In defense, I collect these toy mainly for photography and nothing else. :P

This is a special edition between Babysue Vance Project and Type Moon.

It comes with a special edition booklet.

It has some cute drawing of Arcueid and lots of photo inside but I try to keep this review short to the Mothers day special later.

The box was designed like a book. Flip the front cover and you can see the whole figure and her accessories.

While on the other end, you can see a close-up photo of Arcueid and the toy 360 view in different body.

Time to open up the toy! Out of the box, the toy looked very well done.

You can switch it between two of the body given. Each are unique in Pinky St.

 Okay here is the Mother's day Speciall for all of you!
Disclaimer: Some of the photos are digitally edited, in no way the figure look like that. The events depicted in the following strip are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. :)

Happy Mother's day. :)


Yes! Mummies are great! After seeing my wife go through labour, really made me look at mummies with great respect! To all mummies, Happy Mother's Day!!
RiP666 said…
how cutee...
actually I like both cute and scary figures ^^
Nice book cover packaging. It's quite a trend for toy makers nowadays to introduce such packaging. Taraka and Toynami have used the idea.
LEon said…
You can celebrate father day next month. Your first. LOL

Thanks. They are cute.

For collector who like MISB this kind of packaging works great for them.
desmond said…
Very meaningful comical strips!!
LEon said…
Thanks for the appreciation bro. :)
LEon said…
Thanks KazeTora. :D

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