Kisuke Urahara figurine from Bleach

Kisuke Urahara 浦原 喜助 is the Former Captain of the 12th Division and also former President of the Science Bureau of Soul Society from the Japanese Anime series Bleach. He was one of the coolest captain who very often hide himself from getting too much attention.

Being a scientist, Kisuke remain very much traditional in his dressing and manner of speech.

I got him for quite a number of years now. His style still appeal to me.

Whenever I look at this figure, it always remind me of a song by Graig David, Walking Away. See for yourself.

Isn't that cool? You saw something that shouldn't be there?

For those who still have no clue what and how the song sound like, this is for you.


Kit Kat said…
Kisuke Urahara is one of my favorite character in Bleach. However, I prefer him wearing the green shirt (shop "manager / owner" version) :P I'm watching the anime right now, I wonder he has bankai....
LEon said…
I like the hat that he wear as well too. I think he should have a Bankai. I have not watch the anime for sometime now.
Kit Kat said…
I wish he can control Hollow just like Ichigo. lol Anyway, do you watch Naruto?
LEon said…
@Kit kat
I watched a bit of Naruto before but can't catchup so I gave up.
Kit Kat said…
If you want to watch it, I'm sure you can catch up. Do you know I watched Dragonball Z to GT just in 1.5 months? :p
Leon, your creativity always surprise me! First, I find the wordings on the pics profound and then to realize that they are lyrics from Craig David's song. Ha! Ha! I kana snooked again!
LEon said…
I envy you for the time and material you can get on your side. I really do.

Thank Dennis. I took the pictures for some time and when I blog it, I was listening to that song and then I try to do some screenplay and it click. LOL Guess I was lucky. :P
Kit Kat said…
lol... You sounded like I'm rich and free all the time :p :p :p

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