Kamen Rider DVD

Just this week I was shopping and I saw a Kamen Rider DVD on offer. On the cover it is all the classic riders and it look great.

The "Movie" wording was printed on the cover but it was not clear. Since I missed the old movies and the price was affordable, I went on to purchase.

So I opened the DVD and there stand 2 DVDs. Apparently this had only some of the episodes of the first 10 riders. From inchigo to black rider and not Movie at all.

I was not really disappointed as it was a calculated risk that I took. Anyway I was happy to see the old riders episodes again in full color on DVD again.


The cover to dvd boxset looks nice. I think it's quite a good buy.
LEon said…
The beauty of the box art plays an important factor I cannot deny. For memory sake it is quite a good buy although they are many episodes missing...
RiP666 said…
woow...hopes I can find it in my city too T-T

the cover looks gorgeous

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