Wicket in Starwars Mighty Mugg

Something that caught my eye on the latest wave 9 of Starwars Mighty Muggs. Innocent friendly and cute expression. Yep Yep!

They are Wicket the Ewok from the latest wave (8) of the Mighty Muggs. Mighty Muggs did a good job for the design and they make wicket smaller than a regular Mugg. Now that is a plus point for me as I always find Mighty Muggs are too big for display and play.

Other in the series include Qui-Gon Jinn, Wampa (snow monster) and Emperor's Royal Guard. With all the guys in this series, Wicket stood out.

Now I just have to wait for a reasonable discount... :) Anyone collect Mighty Muggs btw?


Mario! said…
I have Vader, Boba Fett, and Lando. I don't really collect them. I may get a Captain Rex or Commander Cody if I see them again.
Bubbashelby said…
Funny that I also did an Ewok based blog post today!

That Wampa is pretty cool. I don't collect these though.
Jcee said…
I think some Mighty Muggs do look pretty cool, but their price is too expensive for what they are. They cost more than their counterpart action figures here, I rather have the action figures instead.
Snark said…
OH SHIT. I must buy the Ewok and Royal Guard! I must do that today!
LEon said…
That is a wise move. Buy only what you like. :D

Yours is a worthy buy. :)

Yes the pricing turned me off. I would get an action figure instead.

If you got those, do a review. :)
Just saw one similar Mugg like these earlier @ CSC selling ard S$80/-. I was taken a back.
LEon said…
I'm not surprise and I share your sentiment.
chunky B said…
I have a few, the price is a little high for what it is. I do want to get that Wampa though, that one makes me laugh.
RiP666 said…
wow...it is so cute...
LEon said…
Wampa seems to be rather well liked in this series.

Cute but the pricing wise don't really justify for me.
Astro Galaxy said…
One of my favourite characters in Star Wars is Ewoks. So I was very glad to see it in Mighty Mugg!
I do collect some of the Star Wars Mighty Muggs but not in complete sets.
I've like reading your posts! I've added your blog link and it will be great if you can add mine too!
LEon said…
Thanks! I have added your toy blog too. :)

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