Transformers Animated on Arcee & Ratbat

Exciting news for Transformers Animated! Arcee and Ratbat are coming out in deluxe class.

Okay I hate repaint but Ratbat cannot consider as a repaint since it is a Keytar instead of a Guitar right? Plus, Black tone and red windows look so wicked!

Arcee on the other hand is one of her kind. Pink suit her fine. What make me tick was the futuristic vehicle design. It has wings, but does she fly?

It surprise me to see her as a Melee fighter with swords on both hands. From the photo, her head do look too big for her. I sure hope it is the photo.

Can't wait to get my hands on both of them. XD


KazeTora said…
Euh.. L, wasn't it supposed to be Arcee...? Please delete my comment after u fix it. :)
LEon said…
Thanks for pointing it out. :)
Arcee has a cute big SD head. Hee! Hee!
Dora said…
I suppose girls will like the pink Arcee. ;)

Happy weekends!
Bubbashelby said…
I had debated getting Soundwave the first time around - I really liked him. I may have to get this second version now - because I really love Ratbat - too bad he's not purple though!

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