Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

What I am going to recommend is not exactly new. The latest one should be Spectacular Spider-Man to-date. What I am talking about here is "The Spider-Man: The New Animated Series" which was produced in 2003 and aired on MTV Channel. This series is also known as MTV Spider-man.

So what so special about this Spider-man series?

1. The show was made using CGI rendered in cell shading and the drawings were good looking.
2. The writer did a good job to make the story relevant to teens and not so kiddish. It explored the good terms and supportive friendship between Osborn and Mary Jane. At the end of the episodes, you will love all 3 of them.

3. The soundtrack and background music bring new life to the animation, some of which are very classy at certain scenes. Maybe MTV have something to do with that.
4. Besides music, MTV also found some famous celebrities for the voicing in every episode. That really stood out. You may read more here.

For me this is the BEST Spider-man series I came across so far. You have to see it for yourself and you can! View it here or you may want to get the DVD which was out 4 years ago?

Unfortunately, there is only one season with 13 episodes and the ending was not a happy one. How I wish there is a season 2, MTV...

Anyone watch this before or am I the only one here?


Bubbashelby said…
I have the complete series on DVD. I thought it was pretty good.
RiP666 said…
well...I have watched 2 episodes of this series. it is cool
chunky B said…
same here I picked up the whole series on DVD, hands down my favorite version. Did you know they made two figures from this show? I've only seen them in magazines, they look really close to the animation. They show up on eBay every once in a while.
Snark said…
The show itself might be good, but oh god, the CGI is vomit inducing...
Jcee said…
Wow! I never knew about this series! Thanks for the suggestion, going to go search for it now hahah

I thought Spectacular Spiderman was pretty good. I think there is season 2 already. Haven't watched it yet though.
Have watched 1 or 2 episodes on OKTO. Didn't know the season 1 only has 13 episodes.
LEon said…
Yes it is the best so far.

Yes very hip.

@chunky B
No I never knew that there are two figures from this show. Can share?


YEs.one of the kind.

You are most welcome. this is more for adults I feel.

@Dennis aka Katsuden
It is short of a season. Mary Jane was hot!

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