Quiz: Who's that Toy #5 Gatchaman

Here is the answer (or do you really need one?).

This anime goes by many names beside Gatchaman, they were called Battles of the Planet or G-force. I'm not surprised that many of you know so much about this cartoon and even the different version name of it.

Gatchamen was one of my childhood cartoon on my local channel in Chinese. In Chinese, it was called 旋风小飞俠. The Chinese name did not have any resemblance to the English ones but it was cool anyway.

As a kid I love their costume especially their bird-like helmet. Each of them taking on different bird species and even in running numbers on their T-shirt when they are not in their costume. How cool was that?

In different version, their vehicles may vary but their costume remain the same. In the version I watched, the vehicle are bird-liked.

The last time I saw the cartoon was in the early 1980s. In my memory, Ken would always be the one stand on top front of the plane with a sword in his hands when they did their final attacking. The plane will transform into a firey bird and breakthru the enemy lines. The anime has a sad ending. I remember most of them dead...

But have no fear, they survived thru the test of time. As mention by Dennis, a CGI movie by Imagi will be coming our way soon. Originally schedule to release in 2009 had postpone to 2010 instead. Well better late than never. So I guess many of us would be excited to catch this Gatchaman movie.

For the toys, Hot toys are going to make the toys in 12 inches for the new Gatchaman movie (Source here).

While for other scales toys, Wowwee Ltd will be producing it (Source here). Will keep you guys update on that.

Meanwhile if you are keen to know more about the movie from the insider, you may want to check out Felix (Creative Director of Imagi Animation Studios) blog. ;)


Jcee said…
So I was quite off with Robin huh? lol. But ya this show is not in my era haha. The character reminds me of Speed Racer. And the vehicles, they sort of look like the ones in Power Rangers RPM.
LEon said…
Ya in some way the helmet kinda similar to Speed racer. They are older than the English power ranger actually. Maybe they inspire them. :)
Thx for linking me up! A friend of mine had just bought the complete DVD and wanted to lend me. I think I'll watch this oldskool anime again. Anyway, he told me their crafts changed after every anime season.
LEon said…
You are welcome Dennis :) DO a review after you watched the DVD.
desmond said…
I watched it when I was a primary 6 year old kids..
LEon said…
desmond on local TV station or VHS?
Will take time man! It's more than a hundred episodes!
desmond said…
Leon, should be VHS..
LEon said…
So much?!! Better start watching! LOL

Thank you.

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