OTTi dreaming

April is a very special month for Open the toy. After months of planning, I am finally proud to announce that we will be coming up with our own toy line!

I apologise for keeping mum about it as it was "classified" and I faced uncertainties in getting the deal, pricing and agreement to land myself a suitable toy manufacturer.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce to you the Mascot of "Open the Toy", OTTi! OTTi was born when I wanted a Mascot for this blog. I wanted it to be clean and green. Simple round headed design and most of all, very glossy and plastic-looking. Being a C-clip lover, I added a C-clip as his hands to provide the action figure feel of grabbing accessories. I gave him angry eyes as he is serious about his toys. LOL

How can a Toy blog not have a Toy mascot? So with the concept drawing, I thought of going further to have my own line of toys. It took me two months plus to finally hook up with a suitable Toy manufacturer.

OTTi measures about 3.5 inches in height. So far only with him in nude green. We are still working out his accessories, stickers and box design. For accessories I was thinking of having a gun or a sword for his C-clip hands. I was thinking along the lines of a German WWII helmet which may add up to the cost. However I'm going to do this as a limited edition which means there will only be 1000 pieces. My eyes were welling up with tears when I finally saw the first prototype of OTTi.

This is my first design toy!! How much do you think I should sell it for? I really want to hear from you!


Jcee said…
Wow that is so cooool!!!

I've always love the concept of "Designer" toys, especially funky looking ones like OTTi hahaha

Can we see a picture with something beside it for comparison? (say like L)

As for price, I am not really sure. But of course something that you at least break even with. Getting the toy produced probably cost a lot. I can't really give a price on it since we haven't seen the accessories and box yet.

But I can't wait to see more updates on this guy! It's just soooo coool to have a mascot toy for your blog! I will support you if I can afford it!
This is so cool! You have a mascot for your blog and it really comes in a form of a toy. Utmost Impressive my friend! You have my support and I think my wife will love it. So cute and exclusive!
Bubbashelby said…
Wow OTTi is awesome! You should sell him to me for a dollar and to everyone else for more ;)
Super cool...preorder 1 can?
Jcee said…
Wait...this is not an April fools joke, is it...?

Hope not, the more I look at it, the more I like it.
[SK] said…
hey, this is cool, i love it!! have you been considering a series of these toys?? selling at RM9.90 each?? hehe :p
Snark said…
Oh shit that looks so cool! I love him! >=D

On another note, I apologize for taking so long, but I've added you to my blogroll!
Kenny said…
This is not some April Fools' prank is it? If not, it's fantastic.
LEon said…
Now you guys know is an april fool joke. :P
LEon said…
Thanks for your interest. Selling at RM9.90 each sound good! Will keep that in mind. :)

Thanks for your interest and adding me in your blogroll. :)

This is not really an april fool joke as the design and concept is real. :) Thanks Kenny!

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