OTTi dreaming on April Fool Day

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all your kind wishes and interest on the previous post on April Fool's Day. I am really touched and happy to receive the response from you guys... It is hard for me to break the following news to you that the entry was an April Fool's joke.

However NOT all that was in that entry was a Joke. There is some truth in it.

Having a mascot is REAL. This mascot was conceptualised when I started my blog. Although I designed OTTi (which was named after OpenTheToy plus an i), I have not really put it up for the public. I was shy...No, I was afraid that people may laugh at the concept...What if people don't like it? What if they laugh at it? I don't think I can take that kind of rejection...*CRYING* Okay that was way too far. The real reason why I never put OTTi out was because I am still not quite happy with the design. Since April was coming, I decided to have OTTi to go public to test the reaction and improve the design in some ways.

Since I want to make it an April Fool's joke, I need something convincing as a physical toy. I remember Super talented TengChia.

I bet many have fallen for this picture (including myself) of the prototype design of OTTi. It was the talented TengChia who produced this convincing 3D render of OTTi. If you do not know TengChia, his work was featured in one of my entries of the Perfect Goku figure. So that is how it happened.

I hope everyone took it well. I sincerely apologise if anyone is affected or disappointed in any way.

But disappoint NOT for I will go back and refine OTTi. With your support, OTTi might go into production some day. OTTi design will be taken as a on going project here. I hope to get more inputs and support from you guys.

Can I still count on you guys? :)

Comments got me there. I thought that if your OTTi made it big I could go work for you...LOL
Bubbashelby said…
You got me - but in my defense I read your post on March 31st!

I keep forgetting that you live one day in the future. :D

Good one, future-boy!
Snark said…
I am filled with anger, rage and fury.

It is as if one were a child upon first realizing Santa was actually Dad in a fat suit all those years.

Only with last Santas. And more green things.
RiP666 said…
hahaha... it is realy doesn't matter for me. because it is April
Jcee said…
Ya you got me, but I got suspicious after since I noticed it was April 1st where you were haha. But that picture looks super realistic, the lighting looks perfect. The only part that looked a bit awkward to me were the eyes because they look like they were just stuck on.

But I wouldn't be surprised if we do see this toy produced in the future. Maybe even just small batches of them. Check out the blog "Studio Reveus" on my blog list to see what I mean.
LEon said…
@Little Plastic Man
Thanks for your support bro. I will need all the help that I need for making OTTi into production. With your paper toys experience, it would be a valuable asset. Maybe we can work out something together. ;)

Thanks Eric. I will take your pre-order nonetheless. :P

My sincere apology to you. Nevertheless there will be more of OTTi in time to come on this blog. Maybe not as Toy yet but maybe comic?

@RiP666 said...
Glad you took it well. :)

You are smart. I was sweating when I saw your comment about April fool joke on the last entry. This joke can't take off without the help of Tengchia. He did that in a day. Super! Will check out the "Studio Reveus" on your blog later.
TengChia said…
its a mascot with plenty of attitude, i had fun modeling it.
LEon said…
You are too kind. Thanks a million TengChia. Hope to see more of your works.
HEHEH DID i missed something? Anyway. check out my blog for today's post.
LEon said…
Yes willie you did missed something BIG! Nice zaku btw.
Aiyo! Kana cheated! You got me again! Compliment for the well planned and executed April's Fool joke. Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. Glad you taken it well. :)

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