Kero-Pla Secret File Vol.1

I bought some Bandai Model Kit sometime back (Not Gundam but Keroro Gunso) and I got this booklet for FREE.

At first I thought this booklet was just some Keroro Model kit catalog. Until I took notice the title and this logo.

Secret? What Secret? I was dying to take a look when suddenly...

It was Tamama foot soldier standing in the way...

Nothing some sweet talks and Food can't do. That should keep Tamama busy awhile. Quickly I read thru... So this is the secret!

It document some new combination of the robot figures which were never being publish! Unfortunately, I do not have some of the figures in these series to try it out. What follow next captured my attention.

These can't be real! New Stickers for the model kit! COOL!! These will further enhance the figure's emotion! Here's how to.

And here's the real deal. STICKERS!!

I personally find these NEAT. Look at the pass!

And the eyes emotions!

Total 2 full pages of stickers to stick on the figures! Isn't that great?

Ok Tamama... Thank goodness we are fast to see what was the secret anyway.
This booklet come free with some model kits I bought.
What are the model kits? That will be my secret to you later. Stay Tune!


Keroro and friends are cute. A bunch of alien frogs trying to conquer earth but ended up becoming the protectors.
Jcee said…
Wowowow I want to know the secret too!!! I still have a bunch of Keroro kits to build and still got to get the rest of the mushu series!
LEon said…
Yep. I always find them cute.

You should blog what you have bro. I only see your avatar had it but never in your blog.
Jcee said…
Will do right after exams!

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