Go Go Kamen Rider Origin from me

One lazy weekend afternoon in the early 1980s. I was fringing the television channel and something caught my eyes. That moment change my life forever...

As kid then, I knew Spider-man, Batman and Superman but who is this insect looking guy on the bike? The answer to the question doesn't matter anymore when the song has ended. I watched the movie unfolded in mandarin (Chinese language). I mistaken it as a Taiwan movie production as it was rare to see Japanese dubbed movie aired on local channel.

With the monsters, Kungfu actions, special visual effect, nice looking bikes, the high tech belt gadget and the AWESOME Henshin Transformation, I became an instant fan. The very next day in school, it seems I was not the special only one who caught the movie and became a fan. The whole class boys were talking about it and hoping to look for more information on it. We waited for another weekend to see if it air again during the same timing but it never happen again...

Sometime later, the stickers were found at my neighborhood provision shop. However retails did not have any toys on that. My excitement and passion for the rider needed to be express by some channel. At that age of 7, I do what I do best, Drawing. I drew Ichigo as much as I can remember and I remember every detail of his costume and his trustful bike, cyclone 1. That drawing actually won me a prize in a local community competition.

Sometime later, they was another movie shown on TV. This time they are 10 riders in one movie. I was like...OMG!! How cool was that!

Not long later, our neighboring country, Malaysia started airing Kamen Rider TV series. Although it was in Bahasa Malayu (Malay language), I faithfully watched the series every week. By then it was no longer ichigo but Mask Rider Black.

Only a decade or more were the video and toys finally hit our shores. Today there are still no Riders series shown on local channel and TV. And I wonder how Bandai actually get to sell their toys in that line here without children exposing to the TV series on local TV or cable.

So that is my first encounter of Mask Rider. What about you?


KazeTora said…
My first encounter with Kamen Rider is actually V3, that time it was not subbed, and I watched it in Betamax. I didn't understand anything of course, but enough to see that the bad guys is the one that the others are screaming at and not the dude in the green tights.

And speaking of first, here is

Fact of The Post:
Among the monsters of the Heisei riders, the three top most fearsome ones are Orphnoch (Faiz), Worm (Kabuto), and Fangire (Kiva). This poll is conducted some time ago during the airing of Kiva, the reason is simple. These monsters basically can take human form, that means you, me, Leon can be one of the three. Don't worry, I'm just a passing-by random poster, remember that!
LEon said…
Thanks Kazetora for sharing. :) I didn't much attention to the monsters. LOL
Thanx for sharing your feeling and views on Kamen Rider. The drawing you did much really be priceless in your heart.
Jcee said…
For me, I think it was around 1992-1993~. However, I don't think it was on everyday like Ultraman was. I wasn't a HUGE fan of it because back then I was more into Ultraman.
KazeTora said…
Gaia - Tiga - Dyna? :) Or Seven, Ace, Taro, etc.. ?

Yeah, kinda watched it as well XD
desmond said…
Didn't watch kamen rider series when I was a kid. Only watch DEN-O recently :P
LEon said…
You are welcome. Yes the drawing was special as it was my 1st award drawing that time too. LOL

I was a fan of ultraman in the earlier day too.

I just got a DVD of all the old kamen rider from ichigo till Black very worth it! Short and sweet! :D
RiP666 said…
wooow...nice bro.
I love 10 classic riders, but I haven't watched it...I just read the manga, Masked Rider Spirit..it is quite awesome

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