DragonBall Kai: Saiyan Invasion on NDS

For Dragonball Tuesday this week comes a release of Dragonball Kai RPG tomorrow 29 April 2009 officially in Japan.

For DB fans who played the Nintendo version. What all the talking without a preview.

As you can see, it has the combination of the classic Dragonball RPG with much better graphic. If my assumption is correct, the whole game will start from young Gohan being kidnapped by Radditz and end at facing with Vegeta on earth.

In between are quests at different areas to raise your level. Don't expect to see Super Saiya in this series but be sure there will be another game following when the Z fighters facing off with Frieza. Who knows, maybe Androids and Cell will follow. So that is another good reason for getting a NDS... Hey! Do one for PSP please!


Snark said…
Hmm, never really been one for Dragon Ball games.
LEon said…
You can try Snark. There's always a first time if you have NDS. :D

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