Dragonball Gadget No.5: Senzu bean

Feeling tired? Exhausted? Your body is at the edge of shuting down due to low energy level? You got to have one of these goodies from Dragonball. Introducing Senzu Bean aka 仙豆!

For every bean that you eat, your body energy will be restore so will be your wounds or any broken bone. However Senzu bean can never cure sicknesses such as Heart attack nor prevent it.

Senzu Bean was first introduce in Dragonball when Goku went training with Korin the cat up in Korin Tower.

Korin play a important part as he is the one who grow the Senzu beans. Korin also had the Sacred Water which said to grate the drinker increase in their powers but that is another one off story. While Senzu beans play an important role constantly in the Dragonball series.

As much benefits that Senzu beans, the growing take quite sometime in limited amount. It does not taste really good but you will just need only one so that is fine. Do not take 2 or more at a time!

Do we have any Senuz Beans for the fans of Dragonball? Yes we have and it's a fruit snack as Senzu Beans!

This you can eat your heart out. But remember to brush your teeth afterward. :)


Snark said…
Tasty looking!
I need 仙豆 at work! Ha! Ha!
RiP666 said…
I wanna eat that bean ^^
LEon said…
Should taste good. Yet to find this in Singapore.

I'm not sure if 仙豆 will work for after meal sleepiness tho. LOL

Any sighting of this over at your end?

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