Clone War AAyla Secura's Jedi Starfighter Review

It's been a while since I did a review on this blog. So today I'm going to give a detailed review on Aayla Secura's Jedi Starfighter. Prepare for tons of photos.

This toy was on offer for just only $25 SGD at a local retail shop in Chinatown. I always wanted one for my Anakin Skywalker so when I saw this offer, I jumped on it.

This Starfighter's packaging was well designed for Aayla Secura with her bluish color tone.

I like the neat box design very much as on the side, you can see the good looking Jedi Starfighter.

The back of the box listed the features of this toy and other toys of the same series.

And the other toys in the same series were Darth Vader Tie Advance Starfighter and Mace Windo Jedi Starfighter.

The 3 features of this toy were featured on the back of the box.

The features do look interesting but can they promise what was being showed? We shall talk about it later. Time to OPEN THE TOY!

Something dropped out as I open the toy... It is the instruction sheet with various languages printed on it.

But nothing beats the Pictorial.

Jedi Starfighter look great at all angle.

The first feature I tested was the opening of the cockpit. No problem there.

A top view of the Cockpit you can see the neat and decent paint job. I like the metallic bronze seat very much.

However it does not look really comfortable. :P

Unfortunately not all Starwars figure can seat comfortably in it. Due to some action figure features on some Jedi, they can never seat properly in it (You can see that later on when Anakin get into the cockpit). The only one that can seat decently in it was none other than Super articulate Clone Trooper.

I'll move on to give some attention to the astromech droid, R4-G9. The head of the Droid can turn from side to side. The paint job fits the Starfighter very well.

We can remove R4 out of the Starfigther leaving a empty slot. So, I was thinking perhaps a real R4-G9 can fit nicely in it..

So I gave it a try and ...

you get the point.

So what is that feature for removing the droid for? I'm as clueless as you.

Now to battle mode! All hands on deck!
To expand the spring open the wings, you just need to press the button at the back of the Starfighter between the exhausts.

In its full glory.

For the two toy missiles to be shot out, simply press the button on each side at the back of each wings. That's the fun part.

Overall, I am not satisfied with this purchase because of one major disappointment. I bought this for Anakin and he couldn't sit in comfortably. However since it was on offer, I felt slightly better. LOL

That wraps up my review on this Jedi Starfighter. Now if you excuse me, I will play with my toys. :P

That's all folks!


Mario! said…
If you are having problems seating your Anakin, I think it is because you are using the wrong figure:

It is a cool vehicle, I have the Obi-Wan version. Did yours come with a sticker sheet?
Snark said…
Oh poor troopers =P
LEon said…
That is really funny. LOL I bet that anakin can fit in any vehicle without problem. I have only one anakin on my hands. :(

My star fighter does not come with any stickers. Was it suppose to come with it? If yes, I felt cheated!

That is the life of the troopers. The empire always thinks they are dispensable. :(
Mario! said…
From what I can tell, the Aayla version of the starfighter doesn't come with stickers. Here in the States, it was a Target exclusive. Normally they try to do these on the cheap, so I guess they cut corners by not including stickers. I got mine around the time Revenge of the Sith was in theaters, so it was new. I don't know if any of the newer versions include sticker sheets.
LEon said…
I'm still not very sure of this "Target exclusive" thingy, does that mean it is limited edition?

Do yours come with sticker?

Mine was the Clone war animation version from the box. They were for offers and for that price, it is the closest vehicle I am willing to pay.

How much do they think they can save by not including the Stickers anyway? They already remove those electronic parts. I still remember X wing having electronic sound in the late 1990s by Kenner. Maybe Kenner can afford to put in some Electronics and thus go bust? LOL
Mario! said…
It's not exactly a limited edition. It just means that Target is the only store that was selling that specific toy.

Mine did come with stickers. There were some for the inside of the cockpit, and the Republic insignia, and various bullet holes. They probably don't save much by leaving out the stickers, but it is probably enough to make some difference to them. I don't think we'll see any electronics in the smaller vehicles any more. Even my big X-wing doesn't have them.
LEon said…
Seems like Target exclusive does not apply overseas...

Oh yes the Republic insignia! They are wise no to show any design of the stickers on the box. If you have not asked, I may overlooked that.

Thanks for your valuable input again Mario. :)
Monica said…
Hi LEon! Happy Monday and thanks for dropping by my site ;-)
desmond said…
Good score bro!!
chunky B said…
Great review, I especially like the comic at the end of the review, I wasn't expecting Darth Vader, LOL, I have Obi Wan's version of this fighter. They are pretty cool.
Joshua said…
FANTASTIC HAUL bro, though i still love the anakin epi 3 space battle version. yellow paintwork..

prob with ur anakin is cauz you're not using the right figure...epi3 one from the legacy wave 1 should fix it imho.

love the comic to bits...keep it up leon!
KazeTora said…
L, do you plan on getting the whole group? That'll be kind of cool, dontcha think?

Btw, I have replied to your tag, do come by and see, bro. Thanks.
Chris said…
seems that u like toys a lot..
RiP666 said…
waahahha...your reviews always great n fun..

btw is aayla secura figure include on this pack??
LEon said…
Thanks for dropping by too! :)

Indeed. Cheapest Jedi Starfighter bargain so far. MIB somemore. LOL

@Chunky B
Thanks Chunky! Glad you enjoy the comic. Care to share your Obi Wan's jedi starfighter review with us?

Thanks for your complement Joshua. Yes I love to get hold of Anakin's yellow Jedi fighter but at that time it was out of my budget. This is the only Jedi Starfighter I have from Hasbro

I agree they make some pilot version but I'm not really into collecting many of the same kind figure...unless they are CLONE! LOL

No I don't think I will buy the whole group. Space and budget constraint. :)

Yes I love toys a lot. Therefore I started this blog just for Toys. :D

Thank you and glad that you enjoy it as well.
No Aayla secura figure does not come with this Starfighter. :)
Yeah...great review. Now feel like buying...Hmmmmm
LEon said…
Go and get it if it is still on Sale at OG. :)
Good price for a Starfighter. Nice comic strip from Anankin to Dark Vader. Great review leon!
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. :D
J said…
Such a cool site! And I love your comic LOL!
LEon said…
Thank you J. Hope to see you more often here. :)

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