A week for Street Fighter

Since Street Fighter: The Legend of Chunli is showing, I decided to dedicate the following week to Street Fighter, my all-time favorite arcade game.

Don't worry Dragonball fans, Dragonball Tuesday is still on. :)

Did a new banner just for the coming week. XD

Meanwhile select your favorite Street Fighter character and get ready for a new challenger! But first, remember to insert your coins or token. :P

Btw, what's your favorite Street Fighter character in arcade?


Anonymous said…
Nice pose you did for Ken master!!
Jcee said…
What Ken figure is that?

My fav characters are Blanka and Dhalsim!
LEon said…
That Ken master is not mine. It is a statue. :P

It is a ken statue. Between Blanka and Dhalsim which one you prefer bro?

Then watch out for this week post. Lot of Ryu. Hehehe

ChunLi is the 1st Street fighter female character. LOL
Anonymous said…
My favourite SF chracters are Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Cammy. That's why I have their action figures but I don't play their arcade game :)

Btw, the movie "The Legend of Chun Li" looks more like "The Legend of Cammy" to me :P
Jcee said…
Hmm...I would have to go to Dhalsim then...I like long range attacks more hahahhaha
RiP666 said…
well...my favourite is Akuma...

loves your SF banner too
LEon said…
You watch that movie already? How's the review?

That's a good one. You are a zoning player. Go for range. LOL

Akuma was really cool when he 1st appear. I love his 天 (Tien) move. LOL
Anonymous said…
No I didn't watch the movie, just the movie trailers at the cinema. The actress for Chun Li doesn't look Asian to be convincing in that role. Furthermore she doesn't dress like Chun Li...
KazeTora said…
Btw, Kristin Kreuk is a little bit of Asian, FYI. And she dress a bit like Chun-Li in one of the scene.

Last time I played using Sagat a lot, basically because my cousin told me to. So, Sagat then.
Luckily that street fighter guy didn't show his middle finger. Hahaha
LEon said…
I share your view too.

There was a time I train hard with sagat too in Street Fighter 2. Tiger-uppercut.

Ken maybe a bad ass but he will never point his middle finger. :)

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