Transformers Animated on DS

Transformers Animated fans who own NDs lite, good news for you! Transformer Animated game was out exclusively on the Nintendo DS™ as a action-adventure game by Activision.

As a player, you get to control the leader Optimus Prime, the strong Bulkhead, the fast Bumblebee and the agile PROWL. (What happen to Ratchet? Old bots get kick out? :P) Using their unique individualised weapons to overcome enemies and challenges.

Player will get to switch between them to solve challenging teamwork-based puzzles to collect the lost fragment of the Allspark against the Decepticons. Some stage require street racing in vehicle mode too. Just look at the screenshots! Look Fun.

This is where I hate myself for not having a ND lite! >.<
So Jcee, one new game for you! Get it and let me know if it was fun.

Am I missing out? :(

Btw Season 3 of Transformers Animated will be out this Saturday on Cartoon Network in US.


Jcee said…
Played this already haha

This game is OKAY. It's sort of like super mario with some puzzles. Puzzles being that you have to use all three characters' powers to get pass a level. It was fun for a while, but it got repetitive after a few levels.
LEon said…
Good for you Jcee! Thanks for sharing. Sad PSP had none...
Anonymous said…
If only PSP has it too.
LEon said…
Jaded, didn't know you are PSP gamer too! LOL

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