Tin Wind up Tram Collectibles

Today special is this Classy looking Tram. Some called it a Cable car as it run on cable. This toy does not run on any rails or cable tho, it purely on wind-up.

Tram is still operating in San Francisco and Hong kong. As old as it is, it is Reliable and best of all GREEN for the environment. No air pollution.

Just insert the key on it's side and wind it up. You can see the wind-up mechanism inside.

I am very impressed with this cable car toy as a full wind make it travel about 2.5 meters! Slow but steady.

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Jcee said…
Wow another old toy, man you have some interesting toys! Wonder what else you have in your collection haha
Unknown said…
Hahhaha..I remember when I was kid..I begged my mother to buy a collection of tram, cars and lorry..!!..
LEon said…
These wind-up may look old but it is not old. I just got it recently off a special market. I bought it as it is classy but there are NEW. Maybe someone kept them new.

Good to hear from you. If you want one I can get one for you. :D
Jcee said…
That is a surprise! I never see tin toys anymore nowadays.
LEon said…
Yes Jcee. That is why I'm sharing here. I bet there are many who wished to have one but never get to own one.
That's quite a catch for such unique tram tin toy. It move very fast as well!
LEon said…
Dennis it is really worth it. It can move very far with just one wind-up.

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