Street Fighter: The Legend of Ryu

Heard that many were disappointed with "The Legend of ChunLi" movie. I guess it was expected. Some said it was wrong casting while others complain about the storyline. It has been sometime since I make a short comics with my toys, here is something to ease that disappointment from the movie. :P

Hopes that helps. LOL


Anonymous said…
Wow, that was so creative and a hilarious story! Poor Ryu getting thrown and slammed to the ground :P Incidentally, I have that champion Goku figure! :D

I'll be blogging about my Toybiz Street Fighters tomorrow. I just took them out for photo session over the weekend :)
Kris and Nadia said…
hahahaa.. this is creative and really funny :)
KazeTora said…
Ryu and Goku... hey, whaddaya know, we have ourselves a logical story line. LOL... Good job, man.
Anonymous said…
Keep up your good work :P
LEon said…
Thanks. Looking forward to that. :)

@Kris and Nadia
Glad you like it. :)

Thanks bro! I can see you enjoy the Chun li movie. :P

Thx for your encouragement. :)
This is totally awesome Leon! You are loaded with creativity and humour my friend!
Snark said…
I would pay to see that fight on the big screen.
LEon said…
Thanks bro. Im glad you enjoy it. :D

Wow maybe I should do a video version of it...:P

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