Star Trek Movie Toys

When a science fiction movie is out, one can expect some new toys. How much more if it is a decades old science fiction like "Star trek"?

So Treky, behold the toys!

Playmate did a pretty good job for the toy! You only have two good reasons if you are not interested in the toy.

1. You are not a Star trek fan
2. You got issue with the casting of actor and actresses.

To be honest, I didn't expect much of how the toy going to be since this is Star trek and not Starwars. If the actor and actress image is there, it would be fine with me.

These toys come in different scales. 3.75 inches, 6 inches and 12 inches and will be releasing on March or April while the movie in May.

For 3.75", each figure includes accessories for use with the Bridge and Transporter Room Playsets. As for the 6" action figures, each comes with a standing base, utility belt, and accessories.

Personally I am rather interested in the young Spock which role will be played by the same actor who act as Sylar in Heroes, Zachary Quinto. Expect to see the old Spock to be in the movie too! I wonder how the Enterprise ship will be.

Will these movie convert you to be a Treky?


Joshua said…
depending on the new movie i might be converted to be both starwars and treky fan...

never particularly paid attention to the earlier star trek stuff but this upcoming one seems GOOD!

though i'd not get the toys, for starters...PLAYMATE screwed up terminator salvation line big time..i wonder how they even got the licence for star trek...all the big names throwing their licences away..

NECA is my favourite 7 inch or smaller figure manufacturer...mcfarlane too though the plastics used by mcfarl's are kinda cheap, melt fast, soft and bendy sometimes. but in terms of sculpt and paint..both NECA n Mcfarl owns Playmate BIGTIME....

why playmate WHY?!?!
LEon said…
Playmate may not have good sculptor for Terminator salvation. Star trek look quite alright.

Plus they may just cater for kids. Then again Terminator movie is rated PG rite or R?
Dan said…
I always liked playmates treatment of the Star trek toys. They appear almost cartoony, which is better than a creepy ultra realistic toy. Can't wait for the new movie. The Enterprise looks pretty!
Kris and Nadia said…
nice and cute :)
I'll passed! I'm not a fan of Star Trek.
LEon said…
I'm waiting for the movie too! :D

Look out for it!

I'm not really a Star trek fan too but the new Spook look promising. (Sylar) :D
Pass...not a Star Trek fan...must be the uniform...LOL
LEon said…
Fortunately or unfortunately, the uniform is their Trademark. LOL
Dash MacBastard said…
I'm looking forward to the new movie. Not sure about these figures though. I don't really collect the 3.75" figures, and the last time I checked, they were selling for as much or more than larger 7" figures (Marvel Legends, DC Universe)!
LEon said…
Hey Dash. Thanks for commenting.

For the pricing part I agree with you. Same thing like Starwars figure 3.75" prices is very much close to 5" figure of Spider-man pricing too. However, Star trek figure do not duplicate like Starwars. So that should help the fans a little. :)

This question should direct to hasbro since it is from the same toy maker. :P

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