Since we were talking about Shark cartoons, the post prominent shark cartoon in my mind is none other than Jabber Jaw.

The cartoon was aired in the late 1970s and as a child it didn't bother me much that a great white Shark walking on two fins and being able to talk and jam in a band. If you have watched it before, you will surely remember the way he made his favorite line, "no respect". and the funny laughter of his.

There was a period of time I kept repeating "no respect" day in and day out. I actually have no idea of what I was saying but it was cute to me. Too much cartoon on TV I guess. LOL

Any Jabber Jaw fans around?


Never heard of this cartoon. Maybe it's because I'm just born in the 70s.
LEon said…
Dennis I watch this cartoon in the early 1980s on local TV channel 5. Apparently they still re-run old cartoon on weekday afternoon. LOL
Anonymous said…
I remember seeing re-runs of this cartoon before but I don't recall its favourite line. Ahem, I repeat "re-runs" :P
LEon said…
As much as I remember, Jabber Jaw always talk about him not getting any respect. :)
Bubbashelby said…
I loved Jabber Jaw! What a goofy concept for a cartoon, but I loved it!

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