Dragonball Gadget No.3: The Dragonball

It's my pleasure to have KazaTora to contribute a Dragonball review for today. KazaTora over to you.

Yo, 'sup? I'm a guest writer here at OpenTheToy. Now a good question will be why I am here. Well, here's the thing. I'm here for Dragon Ball Tuesday and I'm gonna give a good $1/50 cents about the ball itself. Besides, with all the thingy ma jiggy about the new DragonBall movie, it kinda gives me flashback on the old one. You know, the anime where Goku is a Saiyan kid with a tail and an extendable rod. Yeah, that one. The one where Bulma is a big headed, blue haired, small body, girl. However, amidst the fancy fights and all that, there's one point that is really interesting. The Dragon Balls. *insert shocking music here*

When I was small, there're multiple ways that a wish can be created. Either you found a shooting star, a static standing star, a lamp with a blue genie inside, a fairy godmother that thinks that pumpkin carriage are hype, and of course Dragon Balls. *same music here* Unless you're on your way to see Disney Princess…es, well, Dragon Balls is your manly way of getting your wish granted. Now, when I was still a kid, we used to play with marbles. Last time, when I was playing with my friend, we took 7 of that marbles then label it with a small star from 1 to 7, and label it as dragon balls. Those were the days, man.

Now, let's analyze some balls. In order for you to actually request for it, you must gather the balls, and it's spread throughout the world. Now, if you don't really have a strong Saiyan people at your side or a Capsule plane that can travel really fast, just stick to wishing over a shooting star or probably go somewhere middle east and start digging tunnels to look for old lamp, say hello to you-know-who if you happen to find him before US does. Oh, and also a working Dragon Ball Energy Locator.

Now, about the Dragon Balls itself. In the movie, it is said clearly that once you collect all 7 of 'em, you can summon the mighty dragon Shenrong and he can grant you one perfect wish. Perfect as in no condition at all. (Of course later on during Dragon Ball GT, we know this is not the case -_-; ) Now, I kinda lost about the condition, but few things for sure, Shenrong can only grant one wish at a time, he can't kill, and he can't grow love as well... did I mix that up with Genie? Nevermind. In case you forgot what the wishes are made by the DB characters throughout the series, here ya go:

Dragon Ball
* Oolong wishes for a pair of panties.
* Goku wishes for Bora to be revived.
* King Piccolo wishes for his youth to be restored.
* Reviving everyone killed by King Piccolo and his children.

Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta Saga:
* Master Roshi wishes for Goku to be revived.

Frieza Saga:
* Dende, Gohan and Krillin wish for Piccolo's life to be restored.
* Dende, Gohan and Krillin wish for Piccolo to be transported to Planet Namek.
* Mr. Popo wishes for all those killed by Frieza and his henchmen in Namek brought back to life
* Dende wishes everyone on Namek to be transported to Earth except for Goku and Frieza.
* Krillin's soul to be moved to Earth, and then to be brought back to life
* The Z-Fighters lives to be restored (Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Tien).
* All Namekians (except Piccolo and Kami) to be transported to New Namek.

Cell Saga:
* A wish to revive all people killed by Cell and the other androids.
* Krillin wished for the self-destruct bombs in #17 and #18 to be removed.

Majin Buu Saga:
First it should be noted that Dende's Shenron does NOT follow the same rules as Kami's Shenron. Dende's Shenron is NOT the same Shenron that Kami made (but the same model) because when Piccolo and Kami fused it caused the Dragon balls and Shenron to no longer exsist. So therefore Dende's Shenron most likely has different limits than Kami's. Plus Kami's Shenron had only half his power because he was created from half of Piccolo instead of the whole.

* Bulma's wish wish that everyone who died since the morning of the World Martial Arts Tournament be brought back to life
* A wish to restore the recently destroyed planet Earth
* A wish to revive all those killed since the morning of the world Martial Arts Tournament back to life except for those that are evil.
* A wish to restore Goku's strength for the Spirit Bomb.
* For all memories of Majin Buu's havoc on Earth to be erased, except from the Z Fighters, and the other supporting characters.

Dragon Ball GT
* Pilaf's wish for Goku to be turned into a child.
* Baby-Vegeta's wish for a new Planet Plant to be created and located near Earth, complete with buildings and plants.
* A wish to restore the Earth after being destroyed by the side effects of using the Black Star Dragon balls.
* A wish to revive all the people who were killed during the Super 17 and Evil Shenron Sagas.

Yeah, that's probably all covered. A lot, huh? So, that covers my coverage on the Dragon Balls. Whaddaya think guys? Any thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Anyone want to search for Dragon Balls? Need an extra help? I'm available.


I'll pass the control back to you, L.



Reanaclaire said…
wah Leon...u r into dragonball comics and games? cute la...
i m into blogging game.. haha.. just joking.. anyway, do what u love doing..
LEon said…
yes reanaclaire. I'm a fan of DB at the age of 10. What I love are all written on this blog. Toys, games and anything nice. :D
Cool! What is detail review with the used of Dragonballs. Dragonball anime really is a great action adventure anime. Not forgetting the brawling!
Snark said…
Heh, I remember reading the comics back in primary school; good times XD
Chris said…
Tahxn 4 visiting my blog. My turn to visit urs...
LEon said…
Yes. KazaTora did a great deal of research for this week Dragonball Tuesday as a guest writer. Take my hat off for that.:)

Yes it is. I saved my weekly pocket money just to buy one of the comic every two weeks. :P

Thank you so much. Hope you enjoy yourself here. :)
RiP666 said…
wow...i enjoy the review...hopes to

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