Dragonball Gadget No.2: The Hoi-poi Capsule

Early in the beginning of the Manga, Bulma amazed us with her company's invention: the Hoi-Poi Capsule!

A tiny capsule which can transform to a life-sized vehicle, accommodation and even a time machine. They included this technology in the movie (Dragonball Evolution) but in a different form. It's still cool though!

Some of the Capsule products:

Here's a short instruction for the usage of a Hoi-Poi Capsule which I did out just for fun. :P

When Trunks was introduced in Dragonball Z series, he brought the Capsule Corp to a higher level of popularity to the readers with the logo of Capsule Corp on his jacket.

As for the Hoi-Poi Capsule, Bandai did make a toy. They replaced it with a digital clock on the capsule which came in a box.

It was the same box which Trunks used in the Manga.

I would very much like to have capsule 433: Time Machine minus Cell in it. What about you?

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Unknown said…
Wah..so fun!! I havent watch the movie yet... will try to spend some time tonite hehhee
J@n!ce said…
I just went to watch the Dragon Ball movie yesterday. hahaha :D
LEon said…
Go watch the movie!

I hope your kids like the movie. :)
cosmicbaby said…
Which capsule # is for the whole year supply of Penthouse pets?
LEon said…
cosmicbaby, that question only Master Roshi can answer you. He is an expert on that subject. LOL
Jcee said…
I remember seeing another toy for this here. It was one of those compressed sponge that was capsulated by something that resembles these capsules. You put them in water and the sponge expands to shapes of those gadgets in the show.
LEon said…
That is interesting Jcee. Can email me? Hope to hear from you soon.
Anonymous said…
Bro, like your interesting daily posts..always creative with jokes and lots of fun there..Keep it up!!
LEon said…
Thanks desmond. Really appreciate your encouragement and support all this while. :)
Jcee said…
I just tried searching around the net for it, can't find any info on it. It was from a pretty long time ago though, when DBZ was popular here, which was probably 10~ years ago. I guess the fact that these types of toys are pretty common and really have no play value might have something to do with the lack of information on them. Another possible reason is I might have dreamt that one up LOL
RiP666 said…
what about capsul 89, i want to ride those plane hohoho
LEon said…
It maybe common on your end but at my end, I never heard or seen it before. So if you can, just share as I am curious. LOL

That is another good choice.
This will be the greatest invention if in reality!
LEon said…
Yes it is Dennis. I'm pretty sure it will happen one day. Keep our finger crossed.

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