Dragonball Gadget No.1: The Scouter

To start off Dragon Ball Tuesday, I'm going to review Dragon Ball cool gadgets. Yes, gadgets are the reason Dragon Ball is cool.

No.1 on my list is an alien device which I bet many of Dragon Ball fans would like to get their hands on. Presenting.........The Scouter!

The Scouter was one of the standard issue equipment for Frieza's henchmen. The Scouter was first introduced in the Saiyan Saga by Goku's elder brother, Radditz.

The Scouter has the ability to detect power and energy level of life forms and provides communication with other Scouter wearers. Depending on what is installed in the Scouter, it can also locate Dragon Balls. All-in-One device, Cool?

The coolest usage of this device got to be used in battle mode. The Scouter will measure the opponent's energy and power readings to calculate the user's chances of winning. Below is a representation of what I came up with.

As cool as it is, the Scouter has it down sides. There are cases where readings went off-chart and the Scouter exploded (apply on older model early in the dragonball Z series). In an encounter with a skillful fighter who knows how to suppress his/her power level, Scouter readings will not be accurate.

We have talked about Scouter's functions but is there a TOY version of it?

YES THERE IS! After years of release of the comics, Bandai did make some. It emits a sound when a side button is pressed and with a lens, you can reveal a hidden power level indicator on the game card. COOL!

Updates: Review of the Scouter toy here.

If you want a FREE Scouter to wear for fun, you may want to create a paper D.I.Y version. You can get that here. Don't expect to check on your another person's energy level though.

Here's another cool Scouter gadget here

The Scouter was the first cool gadget in Dragonball Z series. Don't you wish you own an actual working one and forget about our Mobile phones?

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Jcee said…
This post just reminded me that you are 12 hours ahead of me because I just came home and was surprised to see your Dragonball Tuesday already (it's 8pm here).

Now back to the post. I never knew they actually had a toy of that. I would love one when I was a kid. One of my memories of this gadget is when Vegeta's scouter exploded after scanning Goku's power level. Actually this reminded of another thing, that the episodes were sooo short and all you see is them charging up their kamehameha for the whole episode LOL
LEon said…
Yes Bandai should make it as a toy earlier so that we can have that as a child but they did not.

I still find the battle between Vegeta and Goku on earth a classic. I will cover more on that in one special entry much later. Hehehe
RiP666 said…
wahahha... it is bring back memories, i always dreaming it a lot to get this stuff... I can check your energy levels ^^

what a cool gadget
LEon said…
So do I. Some card game design for the use of the red Scouter to read the reading tho.
The gadget is so cool! How I wish I can use this to check the ability of my boss. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
But remember that it only measure physical power level not mental power level, if you know what I mean. :P
Anonymous said…
im 12 and im going 2 but his thing :D site:http://www.toywiz.com/dbzscouterred.html
LEon said…
Thanks Liam for sharing.
When you have got that scouter, do take some picture and share with us. You can email me the photo here and I will be publish here. :)
Anonymous said…
Interesting blog you got here. I'd like to read a bit more about that topic. The only thing I would like to see on that blog is a few pics of any gizmos.
David Stepman
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Anonymous said…
How do you buy this scouter? I want to buy it.
LEon said…
I am waiting for the re-released soon. If you are interested, contact me with your detail and see if I can get it or not. No promises. :)

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