The Dragonball Evolution Premiere & Review

Rushing, Rushing and Rushing. I rushed to the premiere after work only to land myself in some disappointment. No it was not really the movie.

In my previous entry, I decided to bring Piccolo and Goku toys for the movie but I didn't managed to take any photo of them there. Reasons? I reached there rather late and there were just too many people queuing up for the Premiere. So sorry to disappoint my readers.

I was told there will be cocktail session before the movie but there was none. I was hoping to see some cosplay but there was none. However I was glad to see some kids with a couple of Dragonball gashapon (capsule toy) on their hands. It felt more like a movie session than a premiere.

Before I begin the movie review, I have to say this.

Warning: Spoiler ahead, read at your own risk

Now that being taken care of, on with the review.

The Story
Like Lord of the Rings, it come with a prologue to start the setting of the story about the dragonballs, Piccolo and the destroyer Oozaru (the big monkey). All events will happen on the next solar eclipse and to stop Piccolo, the heroes have to collect the dragonballs.

The Characters
Now this is something I would like to comment in details


They left out the Surname "Sun" and just call him "Goku". As the character in the comic was Asian looking, I don't feeling good watching an non-Asian for the role. That name on him was so weird that his friends in school called him Geek-ku. Trying hard to resemble Goku in the comic, he gave him spiky hairstyle and wearing the yellow martial art uniform.

After watching the movie, I find he is quite alright for the movie. A teenage boy just turned 18, learning martial art from his Asian grandfather (karate kid setting), attend a collage, like a gal and show some move (that part remind me of Spider-man 1) in front of her. For his love to ChiChi, he do everything for her. Even to save the world.

Grandfather Gohan

I find he do give a grandfather feeling from the comic. The actor also played the role of Key Maker in Matrix Reloaded.


I like the look of this Bulma in the movie. Sexy and smart. However she should throw more temper tantrum like in the comic would be fun. To pay tribute of the purple head Bulma, they did gave her a strand of purple hair on her. Yes I notice that.

Master Roshi

Chow yun-fatt. A trump card for this movie in Asian market. He acted well as Master Roshi. Playful, funny and can be also serious at time just like in the comic. He should show more interest in "woman thingy" tho... but like in his interview recently, he do not want to portray a bad image for Asian in Hollywood. That I support!

I was hoping he look more like this tho as he look too handsome for the role.

He was a very good teacher. Only need 3 days to train Goku all ready to face Piccolo. As a whole, Master Roshi was very much true to the comic.


He was a thief working alone (he was never alone in comic as he has a cat with him) in the wilderness setting trap and ask for money for ransom. His look was more to Asian gangster and Bulma felt for him too quickly...


She do look hot as a Asian in the western market with sweet smile and hot figure I guess. Why don't there choose a western actress like Goku for ChiChi? Is it because like what Goku said in the movie, the name ChiChi sound weird? Still her hotness saved the movie as she do has a way to motivate Goku to master his Kamekameha.


I like his voice. Screen time was little (less than Chichi) and they didn't portray him as a powerful villian. Why do he need the Dragonball? To make a wish? Nobody knows.


She was the only one working for Piccolo. I bet you never know her name even though her air time was more than Piccolo in the movie.

The Actions
The pace was rather slow in the beginning but very fast toward the end. Due to the pace, not much real acting was displayed but seriously who looking for real acting in comic adapting movie?

The fighting scene could be better and longer especially the last battle of Piccolo and Goku. However the visual effect of the Ki is nice. Shenglong the Dragon was a bit western style and Oozaru, the big monkey was not that big enough for some reason compare to the drawing on the comic.

Overall, I find the movie entertaining and I was not disappointed. 3.5 Stars for this movie.

Two Easter eggs you may want to know
  1. There is a short clip shortly after the credit rowing, so please stay behind. You can guess it, someone not dead.
  2. Do you know the Producer of this movie is Stephen Chow? 周星驰. I don't know until I saw the credit.

Here are some major differences between the movie and the comic?
  • Goku attend school and ChiChi is his classmate
  • Gohan was killed by Piccolo
  • Goku do not have a tail.
  • Goku do not change into the big monkey by looking at the moon but will do so when solar eclipse.
  • Kamekameha defeated Piccolo but also can save someone near death.
  • The sky was not darken when shenglong is called forth
  • Shenglong Dragon did not speak "What wish you want?"
Can you think of more?

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KazeTora said…
That's a funny photoshop u did on our fella roshi, haha. I'm going to watch it this weekend, L, so I'm gonna give it a review as well, haha.

Btw, I'm pretty sure he's staring.

PS: I can surely see why goku marry chichi.
Anonymous said…
That's good photoshop picture indeed! The image is just right for the conversation between those two.

You must be kidding me Stephen Chow as the director of the movie? I though it was an american director.
Anonymous said…
Leon, thanks for your detailed review and I will go to watch it soon :P
Anonymous said…

Sorry about the cocktail thing. That is what I WAS TOLD.

Nice review !
cosmicbaby said…
There was cocktail session... Well I saw the end of a cocktail session, lots of Moët & Chandon left overs were being cleared when I was there around 915pm. I guess they only decide to bring it all out after all you premiere VIPs were ushered into your seats :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the review! I'm planning to watch this movie next week :D
LEon said…
Thx. Looking forward for your review.

Thx. Stephen Chow is the producer, not director. Apparently the director and him had some disagreement of the movie. That what it was reported on newspaper today. That was the reason Stephen Chow never appear in the opening for this movie.

You are most welcome. :)

@Jaded Lee
No worries bro. :)

They never even offer to anyone at 7pm. None of it... I was wondering if I am a VIP or not... >.< Okay free tickets can't complain...

Go watch it! :D
Jcee said…
LOL @ the PS master roshi!!!

Interesting that Stephen Chow was involved in this. I am a big fan of his stuff. Movie seems alright, footaget that I've seen seems a bit cheesy.
LEon said…
Thx Jcee. Glad you like PS master Roshi. Lot of work done on him. LOL

Stephen Chow did want to put Kulilin in the movie and a asian GOku but the director James wong think otherwise. Something unhappy happen and Stephen Chow just kinda take a back seat. That is what I read on paper. That is why no Stephen Chow in any opening premiere and promotion.

Personally I think Stephen Chow can be Master Roshi. With his humor and all.
Chun Sang said…
didnt watch the film but i think chow yun fat would be the perfect master roshi.there were some of his old movies from the 80's where he act like a cheeko, like master roshi fr the manga.haha.
LEon said…
Yes Chun Sang. I do remember Chow yun-fatt act abit cheeko in some 80's film but I couldn't pin point is which one.

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