DragonBall Evolution Premiere Screening Invitation

Just in the middle of preparing my "Dragonball Tuesday" entry, I received a call from one of my friend. He invite me to the Premiere Screening of Dragonball Evolution tomorrow! He came all the way to my neighborhood to pass me the tickets and invitation. I'm deeply touched and blessed. Thanks Allan!

Here are the tickets!

On the back of the invitation card are the Dragonballs!

Since it is Dragonball movie premiere, how can I not bring Goku along? You ready Goku?

Headache! Should I bring both of them? Stay tune on the Premiere report right here at OpentheT0y! Kamehameha(Looking forward to see Chow Yun-Fat do that in the movie)! LOL

Join me on Dragonball friendfeed for updates!
Dragonball Evolution Premiere and Review here!


Enjoy the movie! Once again your cute post never fail to make me laugh! Ha! Ha! Wait for your review soon!
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis, will do so. Hopefully can take some photos... very rush on weekdays. :P
Anonymous said…
Agree with Dennis. Love your posts with lots of joke!!
LEon said…
Thanks desmond. Glad you like it. Can't wait for it tonight. Hope to see some Dragonball fan there...wonder if they will be cosplay. Good quality one I hope.
Will you watch the movie?
LEon said…
Yes Willie. I'm invited to the Movie Premiere tonight.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy Bro.

Remember to return with the Movie review.

LEon said…
Will do bro! :)
Anonymous said…
How can I get those ticket? T_T
LEon said…
My friend gave it to me. :) It's a nice show.
Anonymous said…
Wow, congrates on getting those free tics to the movie! :)

Love your toyfics too! I suggest you bring both figures along and make sure they get good views throughout the movie :D

I'm glad to know of another person who brings toys along to see a movie :P
LEon said…
Thanks Juliana. I brought them there but don't have the time to take photo of them as too many people and I was quite late. Sigh...
Anonymous said…
It's ok not taking their photos, most importantly is that they got to watch the movie with you :D

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