The Birth of DragonBall Tuesday

Starting from next week, I will be starting a series of entries regarding one of my favorite Manga and Anime of all time, Dragonball. It would be called, "Dragonball Tuesday" right here on "Open the Toy".

I will be covering series of Toys, Gadgets, Games, Anime and Manga moments of Dragonball.
It is tribute to my favorite childhood Manga.

Why only on one of the day?
Well since I have a list of Dragonball stuff to share, I guess it would make better sense to do it on a specific day. If I do that everyday, it would be a heavy commitment. Plus, too much of good everything will spoil everything sometime isn't it?

Why on Tuesday?
Personally I like the sound of "Dragonball Tuesday". Is the answer good enough for you?

I know many of you had asked me regarding about Prizes for Quiz. I am still working something out and that could be a possibility. I really want to thank you guys for your continuous contributions and supports so some contest will be coming along the way.

I hope my sharing of Dragonball will resonate the same passion in you. Ya, I hate to be alone and I am lonely. :P

So stay tune and subscribe to my RSS here if you have not. All feedback, suggestions and requests are welcome, Dragonball fans! :)


Jcee said…
Hey Leon, can't wait for this! It would be nice to have some DB to look forward to every week!
LEon said…
Thanks Jcee for your support. :D
RiP666 said…
i'm in your list..
LEon said…
Thx RiP666 for your support. :)

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