Best Toys Optimus Prime/Nemesis Prime Mobile Command Base Trailer

Stand by Transformers fans! Coming in May, Best Toys is coming out Command Base Trailer for Optimus Prime and Nemesis Prime.

Optimus Prime Mobile Command Base Trailer will fit nicely with Classic Optimus Prime.

The silver trailer, with its very own roll-out Drone, can accomodate a regular Classic Deluxe Transformers.

It can also be fully opened to expose everything inside.

Nemesis Prime on the other hand has his own Nemesis Command Centre Trailer in Black which also comes with his own Attack Drone.

If you own one or both of the above figures, it will make prefect sense to complete your collection with a trailer!

Now what is lacking is Ultra Magnus Trailer... A White one will do just fine, Best Toy?


Borneo Falcon said…
Nice one. I'm highlighting Transformers Armada recently
Jcee said…
Too bad I don't have this Optimus Prime, or else I would love to get one of those trailers.
LEon said…
@Borneo Falcon
That's cool. I think you are looking forward to the movie too right?

So is that a good thing or a bad thing? :P
Even though the trails ain't license product of Hasbro or Takara, they are most well-made and dedicated to TF fans.
LEon said…
Yes Dennis. Somehow it bring shame to the official toy makers. I really wonder sometime do they actually know their customers or market.

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