A trip to ToyRus Vivo

I was at Vivo just window shopping around. All thanks to the Economy, everywhere were having discount. So I pop by ToyRus just to have a look.

When I just stepped in to ToyRus, I saw some familiar faces.

Ben Tennyson, all grown up and I must say he is one handsome fellow. Thankfully he was not as taller as me YET!

Ben, why are you standing behind a fences under a tree hanging with red packets?

I see, you are still looking for your Grandpa... Okay if I see him in the store, I will call you. :P

I head over to the Starwars section and saw many item on great discount.

If you are a diehard Starwars fan, this can be a good buy for you.

If you want cheaper deal, you may want to consider this.

Somehow I feel Potatoo had reach the limit of his cuteness. From the movie Toy Story, Potatoo got a Revival and soon he goes into Starwars and Transformers...Seriously how long can it keep up?

I was surprised to see this...All too familiar in Singapore.

Yes you love them or hate them they are in remote control car now. Toyota Crown. Come with many Gimmick features.

If you were asking about the flashing light, it is the headlights not the left and right signal. Why do you need left and right signal when you can do the overtaking anytime and anyhow you like?

You cannot change the sign to "One Called" or "hired". It is always a variable. Isn't that great! You won't have to worry about ERP also.

Sound good right? Make you want to buy one for your kids? Don't worry still have a lot of stock piled up. It is Hot tho...

That's what the sign said. :)


Did you score anything? Ha! Ha! The Comfort taxi thingy is funny!
Anonymous said…
I don't like the grown up version of Ben I will rather have his younger version of him.

I must be heaven for those who often buy there.
LEon said…
No didn't buy anything. :P Yes the cab thingy is funny. A pleasant surprise...

I kinda missed ben 10 as a child too but the teenage one also not that bad. At least he work in the team now. Not so often you see English cartoon characters growing up tho.
Dora said…
Ben is thinking: i have been standing here for so long until my legs ache and nobody give me red packet...*sob sob*
LEon said…
Hahaha That is one good way to look at it. :D
Unknown said…
Hahahha..u a really good in describing the toys emotion..salute u!!
LEon said…
Thx C.Alv.B. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :D
Anonymous said…
I like the RC comfort taxi..Someting really suprised me..Thinking to buy one :) haha!!
LEon said…

you cant be serious...If you do, please do a review. LOL
Jaded said…
I bought the remote Taxi and smashed a few, then I send the mess to ComfortDelgro in an annoymous pack.
LEon said…
That is interesting. LOL

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