Quiz: Who's that Toy #3

It is time for another Quiz.

Since it has been sometime, I come back to toys again. So here it is.

This should be easy since this character have been around for more than a decade.

Yes a movie is coming this year but I think you won't see her dressing like that.

Log in your answer and the answer will be announce in the weekend. :)

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KazeTora said…
Too easy. Blanka.



That's Chun-Li, of course. And yep, I dun think we'll see here dressed like that in the movies. Still digs Kreuk tho~
Joshua said…
chun li ..tooo easy man..

anyway..prefer this rendition of chun li as opposed to the new rendition on streetfighter where her thighs are like so muscled....gross
LEon said…
Have to wait and see.

Regarding Streetfighter IV game all look over big size. Maybe too much training. It lost it's appeal to me actually.
Anonymous said…
Chun Li of Streetfighters! :D
Anonymous said…
Alamak bro! Chun Li lor..any prizes to win??
Mario! said…
This is easy, especially since she is the character I always picked when I played SF II: Chun Li!
Jcee said…
Ya Chun-li...this one was waay too easy!
Ain't other than Chun-Li!
eastcoastlife said…
Any prize for guessing it correctly?
I also don't know. haha.... I don't play games.
RiP666 said…
waaaaa...i was too late...
actually i know the answer T-T
LEon said…
Rip666, try the coming quiz. Most of the time is on thursday. :)

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